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Where is the Stone (いしはどこに, Ishi wa doko ni) is the one hundred forty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In a flashback, Juuzou Suzuya leaves the 24th Ward with the S3 Squad, while believing that Yukinori Shinohara will regain consciousness when everything is over. An earthquake occurs and the entire place topples sideways, causing everyone to fall down into the depths below. Mizurou Tamaki manages to hang on with a grappling tool and saves Suzuya from falling. Suzuya tells him to keep holding on to him while he fights off Dragon, emerging from the depths below and devouring investigators.

In the present, Suzuya, in the process of recovering, holds a meeting with the CCG forces with Keijin Nakarai and Miyuki Mikage by his side. He regrets not finishing Ken Kaneki off, takes full responsibility of the birth of Dragon and vows to end it.

Itsuki Marude, with Katsuya Mabuchi, meets up with Hisashi Ogura. Hideyoshi Nagachika enters the room and is able to speak with a device invented by Kouitsu Chigyou concealed underneath his scarf. Marude compliments Hide, saying that he looks like Chuu Hachikawa and saying that it would have been a pain to have him keep writing. Hide asks Ogura about Akihiro Kanou, whom he was acquaintances with during college. Ogura notes that Kanou was cheerful as a boy but his mother's death changed him as a person, possibly motivating him to become a doctor. Hide deduces that Kanou implemented ghoul biology in his research as a means of getting others in his debt and progress his research, but is still nowhere to be found. Marude considers the possibility of Kanou having completed his research and they come to the conclusion that Kanou is possibly visiting his mother's grave. Marude orders his men to perform a stakeout at the grave of Kanou's mother. When Ogura asks why they are interested in Kanou, Marude replies that he is a specialist in Dragon.

Hide meets up with Akira Mado and Koutarou Amon. He tells them that the Washuu Clan was after him but now that they're gone, he doesn't need to conceal his identity anymore. Amon notes that Hide is no longer writing things down, to which he replies that the CCG managed to help him and jokingly wishes they could have fixed his face. Akira asks what Hide was doing as Scarecrow, and he states that he was watching from the shadows during the Auction and Rushima Landing Operation to see if there was anyone who could save Kaneki. He tells them that Dragon will remain dormant for 72 hours as predicted by Chigyou and regrets not making enough use of himself to prevent Kaneki's transformation into Dragon. He adds that he has a plan and requires both Akira's and Amon's help. Amon asks why Hide is willing to go so far for Kaneki and Hide replies by stating that he loves Kaneki.

Nishiki Nishio puts a blanket over Touka Kirishima and holds an umbrella over her. He states that everyone is thinking about what they should do next. Itori arrives, dragging along an unconscious Renji Yomo with her, who had been rescued by Uta. She and Touka greet each other, with her complimenting Touka on becoming a fine woman. Itori states that the Clowns will continue watching from the sidelines as they have always been and asks the remaining survivors of Goat on what their next move is. Itori proposes that they watch on till the end as that is the least they can do for their King who has saved their lives by transforming into the monstrous Dragon that killed countless humans who have oppressed and hurt ghoulkind. The survivors of Goat rejoice for believing in Kaneki and praise him for his sacrifice, causing discomfort among Hinami Fueguchi, Miza Kusakari and Touka. As Touka is about to lose her temper, Shuu Tsukiyama lashes out and tells all of them to shut their mouths, with Chie Hori taking a picture of his face.