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1 is the one hundred forty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Ken Kaneki, in his Dragon form, envelops a high-rise building.

In the absence of Bureau Chief Kichimura Washuu, all hell has broken loose within the CCG. Frantically, office workers inquire about the current situation, the number of casualties, how many have been saved and other matters. Taishi Fura contacts others outside of the Bureau, telling them to return immediately as all hands are needed on deck.

Saiko Yonebayashi, Touma Higemaru, and Ching-Li Hsiao rush to the CCG Headquarters. They are stunned by the sight of Dragon enveloping the building, but make haste to their destination.

Elsewhere, workers observe a portion of Dragon laying on the ground. One of them pokes at it with a stick and finds no response. In the middle of reporting their findings, one of Dragon's eyes opens and it decapitates one of the workers. Terrified, the workers run away while the supervisor, Mougan Tanakamaru, acknowledges that Dragon still lives.

Takeomi Kuroiwa visits Yoriko Kuroiwa in imprisonment and frees her. On their way out, Yoriko inquiries if it's okay for her to leave her imprisonment and asks what caused the ground to shake, to which Takeomi replies that he does not know what is happening. They meet Kuramoto Itou, who tells them that he will be taking care of things for them and wishes that they have fun on their date.

Nishiki Nishio and Kazuichi Banjou find the remaining survivors of Goat above ground, Hinami Fueguchi and Miza Kusakari among them. Nishiki inquires about the monster (Dragon) and what had happened to their headquarters at the 24th ward. As Banjou notices her missing leg, Hinami breaks down in tears. When Nishiki asks for Kaneki's whereabouts, Touka Kirishima states that Kaneki is the monster. Nishiki demands an explanation and Touka solemnly repeats that Kaneki is the monster. Noticing her grave expression, Nishiki decides to keep quiet.

From afar, Chie Hori takes a picture of the Dragon with her camera, claiming that it looks photoshopped. Anguished, Shuu Tsukiyama regrets not stopping Kaneki from going back to the 24th ward and decides to go to him. Chie yanks at his leg and trips him over, telling him to think things through.

At the Bureau, things continue to go out of hand. Workers debate on whether or not they have gotten the intel they need, how much time they have until the dragon starts moving again, and if Rc suppressants can be used against Dragon. Fura thinks that the CCG is unable to function without a leader. Just then, Itsuki Marude appears and orders the workers to request support from the GSDF and police, evacuate civilians and set up a special operations meeting room in a branch office as the main office is in the vicinity of Dragon. Relieved, Fura asks for anyone capable of driving a vehicle larger than a pickup to join him. Marude inquires for the damage the CCG has inflicted on Dragon as well as weapons data. Saiko arrives out of breath and reunites with Kuki Urie, with Matsuri Washuu by his side.

In the 24th ward, Tooru Mutsuki, who had been previously electrocuted, gets up and unwraps the kagune around his head that had taken most of the damage. Mutsuki walks over to Shinsanpei Aura, who had his neck snapped, and pokes at him. Aura gets back up and relocates his neck back into place. The two proceed to leave the area.

Stressed out, Marude states that every single member of the CCG will not be enough to take down Dragon. Hideyoshi Nagachika scribbles on his writing pad, "Shall we ask a specialist?" with Marude asking if he has a plan and pointing out that he misspelled specialist as "speciulist."