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: is the one hundred forty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



A volley of aerial assault rains down upon Dragon as JSDF arrives in their attempts of suppressing a portion of the colossal kakuja, forcing the beast down to ground level in an attempt to shake off the pursuers from above. Down at ground-level, the second line of assault in form of tanks awaits for the gigantic kakuja, and bolstered by the seemingly effective first assault from the helicopters, open fire, only to be crumbled like origami-figures by Dragon's sheer mass as it steamrolls over them with no signs of damage from the artillery strike.

Dragon continues its widespread onslaught of Tokyo as the voices of the soldiers across the intercoms rapidly fills up with the desperate, final, screams and cries of the men and women caught in the kakuja's path.

Down in the 24th ward, Koori Ui has a talk with Kichimura Washuu and confronts him about both the confirmation of the inhuman madness that have been unleashed and his doubts of its capabilities of resurrecting the late Hairu Ihei and Kishou Arima, in accordance with Ui's wishes.

Furuta, in resigned exasperation, explains that, in terms of possibilities, if kagunes were the fruit of imagination, then life can be born from all this infinite chaos. As Ui ask for a percentage of this possibility to be true, Furuta only respond with a zero, a complete impossibility. Furuta claims that Ui should have known this after witnessing the carnage it left during its onslaught.

It is said in a fairy tale that the King of the 24th Ward, accomplished the same feat and infused the world with his own life force equally, yet Ui claims it of being a mere fluke and the trade-off too uneven to be considered justified, claiming that the lives the original king took where more than the lives he made.

Furuta only states that he could only show Ui a path to the goal, not that the goal itself would be what Ui desired in earnest. Ui admit of how his hopes were mererly a pipe-dream yet in his desperation grasped it, even if the comfort it provided were a mere placebo and delusion, one he, in his resignation, fear to have crumbled at last.

Upon questioning Furuta, the man could only offer a sincere apology as confirmation for him.

Furuta turns to the present Take Hirako and Yusa Arima and questions Ui about his reasons for not killing them. Ui only admits to have fought to the death with them for real, only to abandon all hostilities the moment Dragon appeared and forced them into fighting it off and survive.

Furuta takes his leave as he verbally confirms to them about his willing resignation as the Bureau Chief of the CCG.

Hirako asks Ui where he will be going to which Ui responds that he will go above and help out the investigators, prompting Hirako to state that he would accompany him and watch his back. Yusa, uninterested in their conversation, questions Hirako if they are heading towards the world Arima wished for, which Hirako only responds with his uncertainties, void of a defined answer.