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A (a) is the one hundred forty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In an illusion, the fight between Ken Kaneki and Juuzou Suzuya in the previous chapter is reimagined as a tournament fight within an arena. Nishiki Nishio, Kazuichi Banjou and Shuu Tsukiyama watch on among the audience, speculating on who will win the fight. Kaneki tells Juuzou that he is not going to hold back and Juuzou replies that he has things he needs to protect too. Touka Kirishima prays for Kaneki to win. Kaneki tells himself that this is the only way ghouls and humans will be able to live alongside each other and prepares to fight. Kaneki is next seen lying on the ground limbless, severely injured and defeated, just like how he was in the previous chapter. The audience urge him to fight on and express their frustration and disappointment over his loss.

The scene changes to Haise greeting Juuzou back in Re: Chapter 11. This time, however, Haise impales Suzuya with his kagune, killing him and shocking Hanbee Abara, Kuki Urie and Tooru Mutsuki. Coldly, Haise says that he has killed Suzuya.

The scene changes again to inside Kaneki's mind, where all of his past iterations are together. Haise presents the scene of him killing Suzuya to the onlooking Kaneki's. The Anteiku Kaneki tells him that it looks good while the Black Reaper Kaneki asks if he's kidding. The Anteiku Kaneki claims that he was at fault, and not Suzuya. The black-haired and white-haired child Kaneki's watch on as the Cochlea Prisoner #240 Kaneki screams in pain while getting scolded by the Black Reaper Kaneki. The Kaneki's surround the currently limbless and defeated Kaneki, wondering what they should have done.

The Black Reaper Kaneki asks the One-Eyed King Kaneki why he chose to go back to the 24th Ward himself. The One-Eyed King Kaneki states that he couldn't bring himself to tell the Provisions Squad to go back just because he had a bad feeling. The Black Reaper Kaneki blames the One-Eyed King Kaneki for being weak. In his defense, Haise Sasaki states that no matter how strong he was, the One-Eyed King Kaneki couldn't have defeated two opponents with Arata Armors.

The Anteiku Kaneki raises a question about the Stopgap Squad consisting of Kaya Irimi, Enji Koma and several others; they would've sent a transmission to the Provisions Squad if an attack on the base had occurred. The Kaneki's wonder about what happened to the Stopgap Squad. The Anteiku Kaneki also wonders whether they could have won if the One-Eyed King Kaneki had brought back the Provisions Squad with him. The Black Reaper Kaneki says that things wouldn't have ended up like this if he did and states that the worst possible result happens when they do something alone, just like back then during the Anteiku Raid.

The Anteiku Kaneki wonders what his participation in the Anteiku Raid brought about; Yoshimura was lost, Anteiku was destroyed, and his friends were all scattered. If he had chosen to run away with the others, he could've been able to open up Re with Touka and Renji Yomo. Haise Sasaki states if that had happened, he wouldn't have been able to meet Urie, Mutsuki, Ginshi Shirazu and Saiko Yonebayashi, who were as close as family to him and were responsible for saving the Kaneki's. The Black Reaper Kaneki, however, says that Shirazu wouldn't have died if Sasaki hadn't met the Quinx while the white-haired Kaneki says that Shirazu would still be alive if Sasaki stayed with him and the others during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. Sasaki says that he would have been satisfied with just living with the Quinx and working alongside Kishou Arima and Akira Mado, but admits that each one of them would have tried to protect someone and wouldn't have been able to live a peaceful life forever.

The Kaneki's decide to find out where everything went wrong in their lives; if Kaneki had noticed something wrong with Mutsuki after the Rushima Landing Operation, then the Goat base in the 24th Ward wouldn't have been attacked, if Kaneki had not defected from the CCG during the Third Cochlea Raid to rescue Hinami Fueguchi, then he would've been able to live his days as the Black Reaper, at the cost of Hinami's life.

The Kaneki's reflect on the fight with Suzuya and Hanbee to see why they lost. They think that it was likely because of Hanbee who backed Suzuya up and sacrificed himself to get an attack in. The One-Eyed King Kaneki cracks his finger and says that they should just kill Hanbee. The Black Reaper Kaneki shouts at him that the fight is already over and that they have to look at reality. The One-Eyed King Kaneki says that in reality, their limbs are gone, a person important to them and all the ghouls are going to be killed and that they should have decided everything with a tournament. The Black Reaper and One-Eyed King Kanekis get into a heated argument, with Haise Sasaki trying to calm them down.

The current Kaneki, in his weakened state, asks why things turned out like this and says that he wants to see Touka. The past Kaneki's think so too and wish to name their unborn child. The current Kaneki inspects himself; he can't move his arms and legs, but he can still bite and crawl. He proceeds to bite a chunk off of Hajime Hazuki's face and pierces through his head with his kagune, killing him. The Oggai Squads argue on whether they should kill Kaneki or capture him on Kichimura Washuu's orders. While they are doing this, they are mercilessly slaughtered by Kaneki, with only Touka on his mind.

While the S3 Squad is leaving, they hear an earthquake. A monstrous and deformed kagune emerges. Kichimura identifies it as "a bunch of Ken Kanekis" and says that he devoured the Oggai just like how he was supposed. Horrified, the S3 Squad attempts to flee when the kagune begins killing them. Kichimura orders them not to run and to stay where they are and tells Kaneki to eat up before being struck by the kagune. He tells himself that he has won and that his Dragon is a sight to behold.

Having covered Naki's body with a sheet of cloth, Miza Kusakari is startled by a loud noise. Throughout Tokyo, explosions erupt from underneath.


  • The reimagined fight between Kaneki and Suzuya is labelled as 'Chapter 143: Kaneki Dies".