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is the one hundred forty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Ken Kaneki ponders how many things would have been different for him if he had not met Rize Kamishiro — he has come to understand that life is just a series of choices, and the results of said choices have to be accepted whether one likes it or not. That one single choice is enough to derail one's entire life.

At the 24th ward, Kaneki arrives to see the bodies of countless White Suits. Miza Kusakari notices his presence and asks if the Provisions Squad is with him. Kaneki says only he returned and sees the lifeless body of Naki. Miza states that Naki is resting in peace after fighting his heart out till the end. Miza tells Kaneki that the escaping ghouls have passed through Routes 20 and 21 and should be at Route E14. Kaneki then makes haste to said location.

Prior to the operation, Kichimura Washuu had informed Juuzou Suzuya about a top-secret mission to be carried out by the S3 Squad and Oggai Squads. The mission is called Kouryuugi, which more or less means boxing in the enemy and slaughtering them all. When Suzuya complained about the mission being a burden, Kichimura plans to tell him a story to boost his morale. He states that if the enemy was left alone to gain power, the CCG's operational costs will skyrocket, affecting the CCG's medical treatment budget for wounded officers. Immediately thinking of Yukinori Shinohara, Suzuya was won over by Kichimura. Suzuya met up with Hanbee Abara to explain the mission to him and asked him to call Keijin Nakarai. He informed the two to prepare their wills.

In the present, Suzuya comes face-to-face with Kaneki. The two clash, with Suzuya telling Kaneki, while referring to him as Haise, that he is determined to kill him and Kaneki acknowledges that Suzuya will not be standing down. Kaneki tells Hinami Fueguchi to go ahead of him. Suzuya warns Hanbee that he might die. They activate their Arata armors to prepare for battle. Kaneki enters into his kakuja state and tells himself that he has lived till this day to protect his companions.

Kaneki is next seen lying on the ground limbless, severely injured and defeated. Suzuya and Hanbee are taken away with heavy injuries for treatment. Kichimura walks up to Kaneki and tells him that he, even though putting up a good fight, has lost. They had won due to their willingness to die. He adds that he took the liberty of sealing off Route E14 to prevent any ghouls from escaping. Kichimura adds that Kaneki has reached his limit and cannot do anything anymore. While Kaneki tries to comprehend what had happened, Hajime Hazuki brings the heads of Shio Ihei and Rikai Souzu, commenting that they put up a good fight. Hajime wonders why had looked up to Kaneki. Horrified and anguished, Kaneki is mocked further by Hajime and is left with him by Kichimura for "special treatment."

Touka Kirishima and the escaping ghouls are stopped dead in their tracks by the S3 Squad, who report that they have encountered the fleeing ghouls and are moving in to exterminate them. The chapter ends on a sour note; Goat is finished.