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Lament (愁う, Ureu) is the one hundred forty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Uta, in an alternate face, claims to Yomo that bearing pain and lose is a rite of passage. He claims that Yomo has experienced a lot of it and if he gives in to the loss, he will pay the price, with the price being his life. He then warns Yomo as a friend that if he continues any further, then he will forfeit his life. Yomo claims that is exactly why he's come so far.

Shuu, and Nishio are still foraging for food. They chat about doubting their actions. It soon begins to rain.

Touka thinks back to how Kaneki and Hinami would read together. In the present, she is battling Juuzou and launches her kagune at him. He dodges with ease and taunts her. Hinami heals from her wounds and releases her massive kagune. Meanwhile, the ghouls are still escaping. She begins to mow down investigators left and right,  causing them much fear and anxiety. Juuzou dodges and idly tells her that what she is doing is dangerous. Hinami tells Touka to go and the children must be kept safe. Touka runs as Hinami blames herself. She thinks back to when she ran to Kaneki when her mother was killed, showing him "that." Kaneki has stood, frozen, and looked as if he was looking hard at something. Ever since tha day, he changed, little by little. Hinami attacks Juuzou and Hanbee as they use their quinques. They manage to get past her and land a direct hit, removing her leg. Juuzou idly asks if they should continue, to which Hinami replies yes and attacks him with her kagune. During this, she thinks to herself that she can't tell her sister, Touka, to be happy.  This is because being unhappy is honestly easy, while being happy is far more difficult. Live is the only word she can say. Even when dealing with pain and suffer, her prayer and wish is to live. And to remember her father, mother, footprints, and life. She doesn't want to believe that it was all in vain and that it had meaning. For the longest time, she envied Touka. She wanted to be like her, strong, weak, and beautiful. But yet, she never told anyone.She thinks back to her conversation with her brother, Kaneki. She asks him if he thinks that she has become pretty and strong enough to be his side. She thinks about her brother as she takes a hit.

All of a sudden, Juuzou closes in on her but kagune appears of no where. Furuata is surprised by this.


  • The chapter's title can also be read as shūu, the same reading of the first word Kaneki had taught to Hinami in Chapter 14, 驟雨, meaning "sudden shower."