A Sufficient Stain (染みはたる, Shimi wa taru) is the one hundred forty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Yomo is covered in blades as Tooru approaches him with his kagune, taunting him. Yomo manages to dodge all of his swipes before falling off the pipes. He uses his kagune to catch himself. Tooru finds him and commends his abilities, before asking Yomo if he has any last words. Yomo says he is stalling, as Tooru is suddenly struck by Yomo's electric kagune, taking advantage of the water they are in. With Tooru charred, Yomo gets back up. Aura notices this and becomes enraged. He runs at Yomo, only to be caught and have his neck snapped in retaliation. Dropping his body, he goes in search for Hinami and Touka.

Meanwhile, Hinami is buying time by blocking the exits from investigates for the escaping ghouls. The investigators recognize her as a former Aogiri member and begin to dodge her attacks. Many investigators fall by the blade of her kagune while Touka appears and helps. Furuta shows himself with Juuzou and his Squad, taunting them. They battle, with Juuzou deflecting many shards and Touka getting his with a barrage of knives. Touka blocks repeated sword strikes from Hanbee. Touka notices that Himani is struggling to keep with with the CCG's attacks, so Touka jumps at her aid. But she herself is surrounded so she blasts kagune shards around her. Suddenly, Juuzou closes in on Hinami with astonishing speed. He hits her with a devastating slash to her abdomen.

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