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A Murder by N (Nによる殺生, En niyoru sesshō) is the one hundred fortieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In a flashback, Juuzou Suzuya visits a comatose Yukinori Shinohara in the hospital and notices a bouquet of flowers placed at Shinohara's bedside by an unknown person.

In the present, Suzuya, Hanbee Abara, Mizurou Tamaki and the S3 Squad come face-to-face with a stabbed Touka Kirishima, Hinami Fueguchi and the escaping ghouls of the 24th Ward. They are on a top secret mission to wipe out Goat. Alongside them is Kichimura Washuu, who has completely recovered after the battle in his office, given that six hours have already passed since then. Utilizing the S3 Squad and the Oggai Squads, Kichimura has mobilized the top-secret mission to exterminate Goat, the Goat Wipeout Operation. He appears calm, cool, and collected and states that if this plan succeeds, then he will win. Kichimura then gives the command to attack while Touka tells the ghouls to retreat.

The S3 Squad is compared with the 0 Squad; while the 0 Squad consisted of fewer members with elite capabilities, the S3 Squad consisted of more members and manpower despite falling behind 0 Squad in terms of individual strength. Additionally, the S3 squad leader, Suzuya, was more understandable and widely accepted compared to 0 Squad Leader, Kishou Arima.

Meanwhile, Ken Kaneki and Shuu Tsukiyama discuss the choices the former had made in deciding whether to take action or do nothing regarding the execution ceremony of Yoriko Kuroiwa. Tsukiyama is lectured on post-decisional loafing; Kaneki gives an example of himself feeling nothing significant would occur until the day of Yoriko's execution, where Kaneki's choice to do nothing would come into effect. Kaneki questions whether or not the enemy would sit still, and realizes that Kichimura might make use of their absence to take action. Tsukiyama asks if they should return, to which Kaneki replies that they have to continue on looking for food as they can't afford to starve.

Back in the 24th Ward, Naki, Shousei Idera and Hooguro engage the endless waves of Oggai, with many of their fellow White Suits dead. Shousei's arm gets ripped off and Hooguro attacks in a fit of rage, but is easily overwhelmed. Naki comes to his rescue and fights in his place. Miza Kusakari arrives and reports that the ghouls of the 24th Ward have made it out to safety. Wanting to buy them more time to escape, Naki asks Miza to fight with him.

Naki makes his last stand, killing as many Oggai as he can while telling himself that the reason he fights on the front lines during his time at Aogiri Tree and Goat is to make his Big Bro, Yakumo Oomori, proud. Keijin Nakarai and Miyuki Mikage appear to flank the ghoul forces so that they can join up with the rest of the S3 Squad. Having his kagune sliced off, Naki feels happy that he was able to have fun, learn new words, and fight for those he cared for. Naki combs up his hair with blood and tells himself that death is nothing to be afraid of due to being able to see Yamori again.

Naki reflects upon the friends and allies he made in his life: Shousei and Hooguro, Hinami and Ayato Kirishima, Eto Yoshimura, Tatara and Noro, Tsukiyama and Kaneki, Miza, Gagi and Guge and last of all, Yamori. Naki's final thoughts are about how happy and excited he is to finally see his Big Bro again.