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Touched by the Rhyme (韻に触れる, In ni Fureru) is the fourteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



At the CCG Main Office, Haise Sasaki and Juuzou Suzuya attend a meeting with Matsuri Washuu to discuss information regarding Nutcracker and the human trafficking auction. Juuzou praises the Quinx squad for gathering the data, who Matsuri regards thoughtfully. Haise reflects on how Matsuri was one of the people doubtful about the Quinx project and how different he is from his nonchalant and gentle father, Yoshitoki Washuu. A critical thinker who hates uselessness and a Washuu elitist, Matsuri is an intimidating figure to Haise.    

Matsuri reviews the data and mocks Haise for his plan of gathering intelligence by having him and his subordinates dress as women (which Haise initially takes as a compliment until told otherwise). Seeing that Tooru was the one offered the fake part time job by Nutcracker, he plans to send him in alone as a distraction, which Haise is uncomfortable with. Haise protests but an irritated Matsuri disregards Haise's objection. Juuzou intervenes, suggesting that he accompany Mutsuki, explaining that two people on the inside would be better.

Matsuri reluctantly agrees to let Juuzou accompany Tooru. Juuzou blows a playful raspberry at Haise, when suddenly Nobu Shimoguchi, Akira Mado, and Take Hirako arrive. Matsuri explains that the S2 Squad and the Suzuya Squad will take control of the Shimoguchi, Mado, and Hirako Squad for the Auction Mopping-up Operation.

After the meeting, Haise thanks Juuzou. Juuzou says it is no big deal and that there is a person he wants to meet.

After Haise and Juuzou part ways, Haise runs into Shimoguchi and congratulates him on his discharge from the hospital. Shimoguchi disregards him which confuses Haise. Akira comes and advises Haise that it is best to leave Shimoguchi alone. She informs Haise of the upcoming mission with the S2 Squad which are usually large scale and bring in many achievements.

Akira is aware that Haise is not concerned with promotions, stating that large-scale missions are extremely risky. She mentions that the CCG is a collection of people who have all lost someone, connecting it to Shimoguchi's situation. Concerned about how Haise's affectionate persona might affect him if he were to lose someone, Akira advises him to become strong. Haise reflects on her words, about how in order to not lose things one must take things from others.  

That night, at The Chateau, Haise reviews the plan with Tooru. He tries to convince Mutsuki that there is nothing to worry about, but he has internal reserves himself. Later, Shirazu approaches Haise to hand in his testament. They briefly talk about Urie, who is to be released from the hospital the next day, and the mission before separating.

After looking at Shirazu's testament, Haise thinks about how he needs become stronger in order to protect everyone.

Meanwhile, at an unknown location, Ayato Kirishima is approached by Eto who has a message for him from Tatara.