He Laughs (彼は笑う, Kare wa warau) is the one hundred thirty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Tooru is engaging Yomo with his knives. Yomo internally monologues about how capable and fast he is. He is then ambushed by Aura, who uses a bluff attack that causes traps to come out of the pipes. Yomo uses his kagune to create an electricity ring around him. Tooru thinks to himself that Yomo is a ghoul without flaws with his excellent melee combat, range, and electric kagune. He also notes that while he has more experience than him, he also has more emotion. He thinks about his love for Kaneki and hate for Touka for taking him away from him, and plans to use his emotion to surpass experience. He throws his quinques at Yomo.

Meanwhile, Take and Zero Squad are battling Hazuki and Ui. Ihei taunts Ui, much to his irritation. They all battle Ui at once. Zero Squad can not land a single hit and he incapacitates them with ease. He states that the three will die as Kaneki is not with them. After dodging one of Hazuki's attacks, he was told by Hirako to fight as if his opponent were a ghoul and stop seeing him as a human.

Touka is leading the rest of the ghouls to safety. She is trying to get them as far away as possible so they won't be followed. She worries that there are too many of them and that she doesn't want to sadden Kaneki. Suddenly, a knife is lodged into her shoulder.

[edit | edit source]

  • The chapter title references the name Isaac, which means "He laughs". The Japanese version of the name, Isaku, is wordplay on the chapter number: I = 1, sa = 3, and ku = 9.

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