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Falling from the Tower (塔から落ちる, Tō kara ochiru) is the one hundred thirty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Having been shot in the head, Kichimura Washuu falls over partway and straightens himself back up. He removes the bullet from his forehead and calls out to the person who shot him. Itsuki Marude, along with Katsuya Mabuchi and a group of CCG investigators arrive at the scene, prepared to take the CCG back from Kichimura's hands. They proceed to shoot at Kichimura repeatedly with their firearms.

Kichimura falls over and slumps to the floor while Marude orders the investigators not to advance. Kichimura unleashes his kagune in retaliation. Marude tells his men not to panic and fires a rocket launcher armed with newly developed RC automatic shell bullets at Kichimura, destroying most of his kagune. The investigators continue their onslaught on Kichimura, firing bullets non-stop. Enraged, Kichimura decides to show them what happens if they go against him by dashing to a hole in the wall and jumping out to escape.

Matsuri Washuu makes his appearance and goes after Kichimura, slashing at him multiple times with a katana mid-air. Kichimura gets away from Matsuri with his kagune, lands on a rooftop and succeeds in getting away.

Marude notes that he didn't bring enough troops. He then heads over to Kuki Urie and Iwao Kuroiwa, the latter dying slowly from his wound inflicted by Kichimura. Marude accompanies Kuroiwa in his final moments, telling him he will always be by his side. Kuroiwa closes his eyes and dies peacefully. Matsuri rejoins the group and is glad to finally meet Urie again.

Marude asks someone what they should do with Urie. Urie looks over and sees Marude speaking to Scarecrow. Scarecrow holds up a writing pad written, "I am Hideyoshi Nagachika. Lend me your strength, Urie."