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Izanagi (いざなぎ, Izanagi) is the one hundred thirty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Having swallowed Kuki Urie and restrained Iwao Kuroiwa, Roma Hoito celebrates her victory and asks Kichimura Washuu what she can have for dinner. He suggests having Kuroiwa, as a 'Special Class' meal.

Suddenly, Urie, having framed out, emerges and bursts out of Roma's kakuja, rescuing Kuroiwa. He inspects Kuroiwa's wounds while trying to keep himself under control. Roma and Shikorae proceed to attack Urie together and send him flying into the wall before delivering a barrage of attacks. Their efforts are in vain, as Urie has blocked all of their attacks with a newly-formed kagune shield.

Urie counterattacks, using his blade and shield to overwhelm Roma and Shikorae. He sends Shikorae flying out a window and decapitates Roma. Urie proceeds to viciously mutilate Roma's head, which finishes her off for good.

Urie heads to Kuroiwa's side, trying to tend to his wounds. In tears, Kuroiwa apologizes to Urie for not being able to protect his father against the one-eyed Owl, claiming that it was his fault that he died. Urie shouts out that he wasn't at fault and admits to himself that he was weak and powerless at that time and needed to shift the blame on someone else. Having made up with Urie, Kuroiwa states that he is just like his father.

This moment is short-lived, however, as Kichimura abruptly stabs Kuroiwa through the throat with a katana, killing him. Urie, clearly distraught, screams in anguish over Kuroiwa's death. Kichimura gleefully sets his sights on Urie, but is suddenly shot in the head by an unknown assailant.


  • The book Kichimura is reading is the manga Gin Tama.