I Know Not (いざ知らず, Iza shira zu) is the one hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Amidst the bodies of dead investigators, Furuta proclaims that he is the Bureau chief and that he doesn't like to be bothered over small matters. He then sends Roma and Rio to kill them. Urie prevents a kagune from reaching Iwao with his own kagune. Iwao grabs a nearby sword on display, prompting Urie to ask him if he'll be able to cut them without a Quinque. Furata mocks them as Roma and Shikorae attack. Iwao begins to cut down Shikorae with he sword, but is unable to do any lasting damage due to his outstanding regenerative ability. Roma jumps in to assist him and attacks Urie but gets tackled. Roma then cuts of Iwao's hand and takes his sword, attacking him with it, but he manages to grab her hand and toss her. Roma beings to mutter to herself, cant believing that he would attack a girl. Urie then slashes her midsection with his kagune. As she lays on the floor, playing possum, a massive kagune shoots out from her Fortunately, Urie moves out of the way, noting that she used the same technique to take down Shibashi during the Auction Operation. As she taunts him, he tells her not to take him lightly, stabbing her in the head with his kagune. She vomits blood and passes out. Iwao has subdued Shikorae in a chokehold. Urie notices Furata sitting and asks him that he's aligned himself with ghouls, reaching the point of no return. Furuta tells him to look behind him. Urie thinks that it is a trick as he is stabbed by multiple kagune.

Meanwhile, the Oggai are shredding through ghouls in the underground hideout. Touka yells for them to retreat and take care of the individuals that can't fight, thinking that the area  can help them. She uses her kagune to shoot down several Oggai members, refusing to let ghouls die. At the same time, Kaneki, Banjou, and Shuu are successfully foraging for food and resources in a secluded forest. Shuu notices Kaneki face and asks him what the matter is, to which Kaneki replies that he has a bad feeling. As Yuki is almost killed by an Oggai, Yomo jumps in and saves the child. He tells Yuki to go to Touka. Naki and the White Suits arrive to help in the battle. At the same time, Tooru and Aura arrive. Tooru tells the dead Oggai to get up, which they do. The Oggai begin to freak out and start shouting. Tooru tells them to turn the ghouls into curry, as the Oggai release their frames.

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