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I've Raised Reapers for Three People (3人分の死神を立たせておきました, 3-nin bun no shinigami o tatase te oki mashita) is the one hundred thirty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Urie thinks to himself that when he lost his father, he was unable to process internally what had happened. He also didn't believe that it was possible for the CCG to unilaterally convict citizens and that no one could stop them. Thanks to Matsuri's files, he has an idea. He leaked information to external agencies. The government and many organizations now view the CCG with a wary eye and if Furuta is faced with pressure from the country itself, he couldn't ignore it and the CCG would have to submit to external influences.

Urie is approached by Iwao, who accompanies him to Furuta's office. The two converse about their plans. He thinks to himself that emotions aside, he can't take advantage of someone as popular and experienced as Iwao and wonders how he ended up this way, with nothing to gain. He says that his plan may be considered a revolution or coup d'eetat. Urie asks Iwao why he's agreeing to help him with this to which Iwao replies that he heard he was a friend. Urie explains that Saiko was Yoriko's friend, not him. Iwao disagrees. stating that his son always complimented Urie's determination and self-motivation. He was Takeomi's good friend and rival. Iwao then states that when he looks at Urie, he sees his father and that many people in the Bureau agree with him. He sees no reason not to join forces with such a superb investigator.

Elsewhere, Banjou and Kaneki are with the foraging group, going through the route. Meanwile, Tago was playing a card game together with Fuka and another member while keeping watch over Goat's base in the 24th Ward until they were disrupted by a sound in another room. The three men then decided to take a look around but before Tago could discover what the sound was, he was suddenly attacked and killed by Hajime Hazuki. Fuka is swiftly defeated.

When asked how he escaped, Hazuki explains that he dislocated a free joint and used the space to form his kagune. He taunts Fuka, stating if they had tightened the straitjacket enough to cut off his blood flow, he plan would not have worked. He notices Fuka's teeth and begins to monologue about his childhood. Both his parents were doctors and worried about his teeth being aligned. When his teeth hurt, his mom would give him easy stuff to eat, while his dad told him about all the beneficial medicines that would be available in the future. In the end, they were both killed by ghouls. They had been threatened to hand over the flesh that came out of the hospital and refused. Hazuki didn't even get to see their faces as they had apparently been too grievously wounded. He says that he's going to fix Fuka's teeth and stabs his kagune into his mouth, killing him in the process. Suddenly, he is contacted by the CCG and begins to head to them. Meanwhile, Touka notices a large horde of Oggai and tells the children she is guarding to hide.

As Iwao and Urie arrive at his office, Furuta notes that it is a special day. Urie reveals plans to charge Furuta on abuse of power and asks him to prove his integrity. Furuta tells the two that in order to prove something, one requires witnesses. From behind his desk, Shikorae and Roma Hoito appear and prepare to attack.