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Two Meanings (2つの意味, Futatsu no imi) is the one hundred thirty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kaneki, Tsukiyama, Nishio, and Yomo discuss the foraging plans and the most effective way to secure provisions. They plan out a route that should be able to secure a stable food source, but the problem is exiting the 24th ward without attracting attention. According to Banjou, there may be a back route. They note that they cant stay underground forever and will eventually have to face Kichimura. The chances of winning a full-scale battle would be impossible. According to Hori's intel, there is a grand execution scheduled for April 23rd and considered targeting the event with an ambush. Shuu notes that Furuta might set a trap and that no one would be protecting their home base in case of an invasion. Kaneki envisions all the people that he has lost (Ryouko, Kei, Kouta, Shirazu, Arima, and Hide) and wonders how he can finish this without losing anyone else important to him. He contemplates if he's to love only facing death.

Suddenly, Touka enters the room and greets him. He thinks to himself that he loves her and wants to live on and protect her. He then tells Shuu and Yomo that he and Touka have decided to get married.

The Quinx Squad are talking about Takeomi's wife Yoriko. Saiko asks Urie if there's anything to do to help her as she's her friend, but Urie interrupts her stating that the orders of the Bureau chief must be obeyed, much to Saiko's displeasure. Urie says his mind will not be changed on the matter, prompting Saiko to knock him to the floor in anger. As he lies on the floor, Saiko accuses Urie of not caring. Urie thinks to himself that he doesn't enjoy seeing Takeomi suffer. Saiko proclaims that she wants out, calling the CCG a slaughterhouse and says that she no longer wants to be a part of it before leaving the room.

Outside, Saiko is sniffling and sitting on the swings. She is approached by Urie and she apologizes. Urie agrees with her, stating that the CCG is twisted and has lost sight of what they're fighting for. He mentions they should speak out against it because they don't want to be treated as criminals down the line. Saiko asks how, to which Urie replies that they will find away. Saiko asks what if there isn't one and Urie answers then they'll become terrorists causing Saiko to smile.

Meanwhile, Kaneki and Touka have a ghoul wedding, appearing traditionally dressed in unique attire. The people in attendance are happy, as a drunk Yomo irritates Nishiki. Kaneki admits that he didn't expect to have a ceremony underground. Shuu had claimed earlier that they had to and put everything together in a hurry. Touka asks him if this is what he wanted and he replies that it is and that he’s glad. He promises that from now one, he will do what needs to be done and asks for any requests. She simply replies with cake.

On April 21, Goat forms a foraging squad and mobilizes a massive expedition. The planned to secure enough food to last for half a year.

At the same time, Hazuki is in his cell. He sticks out his tongue, showing a chip that is beeping. He taunts the ghouls, claiming that he told them to take him with them.