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Thinking Pig (考える豚, Kangaeru Buta) is the one hundred thirty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The ghoul children ask about the whereabouts of Touka Kirishima as they want her to read them a story book. With the help of Ken Kaneki, they find Touka and she proceeds to read a story to them which makes Kaneki rest assured about Touka doing well.

Kaneki then goes to meet the imprisoned Hajime Hazuki who is so obsessed with the reality of meeting Ken Kaneki in person. He denies to know about the contents of Tooru Mutsuki's letter. Kaneki starts wondering about how he'd be able to save Yoriko Kuroiwa and then chuckles at how Hajime called him the "miracle human" when he's simply just a "man".

Nishiki Nishio starts explaining how telomeres are shortened every time a cell divides which causes aging. The more Kaneki is using his kagune and is healing his wounds, the faster the rate of aging is for him which causes some worry. Nishiki tries explain that it's just his theory, but Kaneki confirms it. One of Kaneki's symptoms is the black tears he's been experiencing little by little. Kaneki asks for the remedies of this rapid aging disease and Nishiki suggests that he should not use his kagune and not get wounded badly and finally, an other option could be ghoul cannibalism. Alone, he begins to wonder how much time he has left and that he has to do as much as he can.

Deep underground, Ayato Kirishima is attacked by three ghoul children but he defends himself and is able to capture them. Trying to have a conversation with them, he struggles due to their hard to understand dialect but what he could figure out was that the Naagaraji was the reason the city is in ruins.

Struggling to tell Touka that Yoriko will be executed, she reveals to him that she's pregnant and her birth is due December. He then asks how a ghoul gets married. Wanting to have proof that both of them were one, Kaneki and Touka leave bite marks on each other.