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Meaningless (意味なし, Imi nashi) is the one hundred thirtieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Iwao Kuroiwa is informed of his son's detainment for attacking a fellow investigator while in the office of Bureau Director Kichimura Washuu and warned of the possible consequences to his career as a ghoul investigator due to recent events concerning his family. As he looks out at Tokyo, his son, Takeomi Kuroiwa, is paid a visit by Kuki Urie who had heard that he punched Mutuski. Brushing aside Takeomi's apology for hitting Tooru Mutsuki after he had insulted Yoriko Kosaka, Urie asks him if what he is doing is wise. However, Takeomi is sure Mutsuki's report was false, as Yoriko was not of the devious sort, which Urie wordlessly agreed with. The latest policies of the bureau director had him worried however, that the increased punishment for those allied with ghouls would result in Yoriko's execution.

In the 24th ward, Ken Kaneki sits in his room contemplating the report enclosed with Mutsuki's letter before Nishiki Nishio reports to him the unsuccessful food gathering above. Kaneki inquires about the CCG's activities, to which Nishiki emphasizes Kaneki's importance to the Goat organization, since the CCG was frantically hunting for him and there is the existing possibility they would venture underground as well. In the event that Kaneki dies, Goat would come to an end. Nishiki states that that's how big his presence has become and that next time the army comes, it will be worse that the cafe. However, after Nishiki decides to mention a child that Kaneki has to think of, Kaneki is shocked and questions who he is referring to. Nishiki tells him to forget it.

Immediately after, Kaneki runs and yells to Touka Kirishima, who calmly answers him while reading a manga after he rushes into her room. He pushes and repeatedly asks about her well-being to which she claims that she's fine. He continues to ask for more detail. Getting annoyed with him, she asks him to return to his room. He begins to think that he may be overreacting. But while she leads him out, he catches sight of a calendar with a date encircled, after questioning it, she sends him rolling out of her room. As Fuka approaches him, Kaneki looks up at him wide-eyed, believing his suspicions to be confirmed after Touka's final outburst. Meanwhile, Touka clutches her throbbing midsection and mentally apologized to Kaneki.

Elsewhere, Yoriko does the same as her stomach growls in hunger, her head resting on the table as she wonders if Takeomi is eating well. Recalling Mutsuki's words about Touka's true nature, she agonizes over her failure to realize her old friend's suffering while they were together. She was enduring so much by herself. Seeing the bureau director in her mind's eye, she begins to waver under her own fear.

Shinsanpei Aura recapitulates the latest policy changes enacted by the bureau director. Furata is increasing the penalty in regards to aiding in ghoul survival and is treating the advocates like ghouls themselves. The Bureau is putting more force into suppressing ghouls, despite public criticism. He believes that waiting will not result in complete suppression while Mutsuki understands the bureau director is prepared for opposition. Turning the conversation to Yoriko, Shinsanpei asks why Mutsuki had gotten her involved. Mutsuki explains her relationship to Haise Sasaki's close associate, Touka. After their first attempt to draw her out had failed, Mutsuki decided he was no longer concerned with her, convinced his old mentor would come to him instead.

Touka hesitates outside Kaneki's room before entering only to find he is not there. Assuming him to still be preoccupied, she sits on his bed before lying in it. While debating whether she should tell him her secret or not, she feels something under his pillow. After taking out the CCG order for Yoriko's death sentence and reading it, it falls from her hands onto the floor.