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Ah, It Shall Rain Blood (ああ降ろう、血, Ā Furō, Chi) is the thirteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad visit a nightclub in the 13th Ward where Nutcracker is rumored to frequent. Ginshi Shirazu conspicuously argues about the authenticity of his appearance but is responded with playful teasing. Shirazu is bothered by Haise's ability to flawlessly disguise himself as a woman, his mentor having too much fun with the situation. He curses Kuki Urie for being the only one absent, as he is still recovering from surgery.

The data discovered at Nutcracker's home suggests that she is collecting "ingredients," or bodies, for the auction and that her quota has not been met. Nutcracker's strategy to lure bodies is to scope out nightclubs and offer fake part time jobs. To capture Nutcracker and find the auction's location, Haise comes up with a plan for Tooru Mutsuki, Shirazu, and him to dress up as women, along with Saiko, in hopes of gaining Nutcracker's attention. Tooru is uncomfortable with the plan.

Tooru laments that it has been a long time since he dressed as a girl and that the gaze of men is disgusting. Misreading his feelings, Haise tries to comfort Tooru by complimenting Tooru. Embarrassed, Tooru accepts a random drink.

Meanwhile, Nutcracker has honed in on a new victim, offering her a false part time job as a caterer. Haise and Shirazu watch from afar, wondering about her next move. Shirazu suddenly brings up Saiko, who went to have fun instead of work, claiming that Haise has been too lenient with her. Haise explains Saiko's past. Her mother took Saiko and her brother when she left her husband and sold Saiko to the CCG for cash.

Haise pities Saiko. Shirazu relates as he and the other Quinx do not have strong connections with their parents. Regardless, he thinks that Saiko should not slack off and should disregard her mother if she is a burden. Shirazu considers Haise and how his amnesia sets him apart from the others as he cannot remember his own family. The idea of not knowing a parent scares Shirazu, but he remembers Haise had called Serpent "senpai".

He asks Haise if he would quit should he ever regain his memories. Sasaki hesitates but teases Shirazu about being lonely if he were to leave. Shirazu makes excuses regarding his unruly teammates. Haise promises that he would not leave and Shirazu apologizes for asking.

They suddenly hear laughter and see that Tooru is excitedly engaging Nutcracker, complimenting her hair. They are confused by his sudden enthusiasm and wonder if he is drunk until Saiko returns and tells them that Tooru smells of alcohol. Haise worries about Tooru being underage until he rushes over. Mutsuki reports that Nutcracker offered him a part-time job and has received the contact information. After congratulations, the Quinx go off to dance and Haise decides to let them have their fun.

Alone, Haise thinks about Shirazu's question and wonders if "Haise" would die if he regained his memories. He does not want to forget his friends.

At another section of the club, Haise is recognized by Nico and Roma Hoito who notice that he resembles Ken Kaneki despite the change in appearance and personality. They already know of him and anticipated seeing Haise for themselves. Roma is annoyed by Haise's happiness and yearns for the tragic Kaneki to return, even if Haise has to be sacrificed. Nico is exasperated by Roma's selfishness but does not disagree.

The next day at the CCG Main Office, Haise and Juuzou Suzuya attend a meeting with Matsuri Washuu to discuss the plans for the Auction Mopping-up Operation.