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Meal (膳, Zen) is the one hundred twenty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



A mass of hooded ghouls gather to witness the return of their king, Ken Kaneki, to the 24th ward, among them are Shuu Tsukiyama and Kou. From the various wide pipes that dot the wall, ghouls appear and toss down quinques of all shapes and sizes. Kaneki informs the ghouls below him of the disarmament of thousands of ghoul investigators, to endure their current hardships as it is only temporary, and promises to not lose until they live freely above once again. Kou looks up at him as the ghouls surrounding him cheer and cry out to the One-Eyed King.

Shorty after, Tsukiyama waits for Kaneki as he showers and discusses the reality of the situation with him. The 24th ward ghouls were close to starvation, and the CCG had a firm hold on matters up above and were soon planning to go underground as well. Tsukiyama believes the CCG has to be "stopped," in other words, killed. However, Kaneki sees that it will only resume the fear and hatred between ghouls and humans, therefore affirms that Goat must not bring death to any human. After Tsukiyama hands him a towel as he exits the shower, he asks him to stay with him until the end. Tsukiyama then asks Kaneki why he was so invested in the future of ghouls, but Kaneki does not reply as the ring around his neck swung on its chain.

In the middle of the heaps of scrap metal, Touka Kirishima is with the orphaned children from Aogiri Tree. One asks her about a book he had found when Nishiki Nishio approaches them with some food. After Touka asks, Nishiki shares with her how dire the situation up above is, the CCG was working hard to exterminate ghouls unlike before, meaning they were unable to gather the bodies of suicide victims as they have previously done. The conversation turns to Ayato Kirishima who is exploring deep within the 24th ward where the legendary one-eyed ghoul supposedly resided. After one of the children mistakes the ghoul for Kaneki, Nishiki explains to him that a long time ago, a ghoul who was a hero to ghouls that led the CCG to destruction. He commanded the ghouls living on the surface and killed a lot of investigators. Most of the ghouls were able to use their kagune and eat to their heat's content as humans were weak after the war. He was brought to an end when the CCG retaliated by coming up with a new technique. The new squad was successful and caused the ghouls to retreat underground and bide their time. After discussing why Kaneki had researched the history of the 24th ward, Nishiki leaves but not before giving Touka a package she had asked for. After, she thanks him and decides to read to the children.

Juuzou Suzuya and Hanbee Abara have stopped in a hall at the CCG, speaking about Kichimura Washuu's policies bringing about the possible end to humanity's long struggle to be rid of ghoulkind. Suzuya finds it interesting that his master had not thought their current situation possible in their lifetime. Hanbee then warns Suzuya, who has been receiving various injuries, to not forget he was only human and not to push himself. Although he claims that he no longer feels sensations like pain. Walking away from Hanbee, Suzuya lightheartedly says he will become a ghoul should the fight end. Left alone, Hanbee is joined by Keijin Nakarai, he thinks if the recent policy budget were kept to a minimal, the surplus could be used to treat their wounded and that Suzuya is yearning for Yukinori Shinohara's recuperation more than ever. When Hanbee objects the possibility, Nakarai questions what Suzuya would fight for if he knew that.

In Kichimura's office, members of the Clowns have assembled, Itori telling them where Goat currently was. After Uta spoke aloud his musings that ghouls may lose, Itori sees it as an opportunity to bear witness to the moment it does. Just then, Kichimura enters, accrediting his achievements to the unleashing of the Washuus' full capabilities. Continuing on, he introduces the idea of a formidable archenemy, a "last boss" for Kaneki and the others. In honor of his Washuu roots, he names it Dragon.

Deep in the 24th ward, Ayato is accompanied by other ghouls who are urging him to turn back. However they follow him when he continues onward after feeling a breeze. Upon seeing the massive city before them, Ayato falls to his knees.