Beginning (はじめ, Hajime) is the one hundred twenty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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A man at a restaurant and a waiter are jovially chatting. Suddenly, Oggai enter and use their kagune to kill the man, claiming that he is a ghoul. The same thing happens in a crowded store and all around the city.

All across the various wards of Tokyo, the Oggai and the rest of the CCG are purging as many ghouls as possible, with Furuta at the helm, sarcastically commenting on the "peace" that will be brought about. A lone ghoul named Kou is rescued during an attack by Naki, who offers to bring him underground. The group ventures down into the 24th Ward where they are greeted by Shuu Tsukiyama. Naki informs him that the surface is increasingly getting more and more dangerous as the investigators have gotten better methods of tracking and finding ghouls. Tsukiyama shows Kou where he'll need to be staying for the time being. Shuu mentions that the king in the only hope for ghouls at this time.

Suddenly, a dark figure leaps down onto a crane overlooking the abandoned zone, as Tsukiyama comments that the King has arrived.

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