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Rings (指輪, Yubiwa) is the one hundred twenty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



After their wedding, Takeomi Kuroiwa and Yoriko Kosaka leave the hall and are greeted outside by the cheers of numerous investigators and guests. Yoriko then tosses her bouquet, surprising Misato Gori as it lands in her hands. As the others clap and laugh at the moment, Kuki Urie gives Tooru Mutsuki a sidelong look.

Later, Urie speaks with Mutsuki who had not expected him to come to the wedding. Urie had been busy, but inwardly admits he made an appearance after hearing Mutsuki would attend. Mutsuki shares his thoughts on the wedding, mentioning that Yoriko looked beautiful and wondering aloud if they would have the opportunity to have the same happiness. Urie thought they could and both lightheartedly agree Saiko Yonebayashi was likely to be an amazing wife and mother, though she wouldn't cook. The mood dissipates when Mutsuki does not respond after Urie says it was okay for him to return home once in a while.

Instead, Mutsuki stands and mentions the visit he took to the coffee shop and encounter with Haise Sasaki. He expresses his desire to stop him, astounding Urie, and confirms to Urie that Sasaki was both alive and a traitor. The CCG had decided to kill Sasaki rather than detain him, something Mutsuki is against. He wanted them all to be together and, although Urie denied the possibility, he would not give up on it. Urie warns Tooru that if he gets involved with Kaneki, he may be accused with committing a crime, to which Tooru shouts he doesn't care. While Urie stands up along with him and persists, Mutsuki does not care, yelling it the second time Urie tries. Mutsuki explains that his selection as the Oggai Squads' training supervisor allowed him to participate in top missions, including those concerning Sasaki. Urie asks why he wanted to do all that, so Mutsuki confesses his love for Haise Sasaki and concludes that he just could not help it before walking away. Urie watches him leave, stunned.

Shinsanpei Aura chose to not go to the wedding and visits his aunt Kiyoko. She tells him he should have joined in on the joyous occasion, however at her mention of the word "joyous," his anger flares. He says there's nothing to celebrate and pulls off her blanket, he uncovers her legs — both missing from the knee down — and claims joy to be nonexistent for him until he kills Sasaki. She asks for him to return the blanket as she is cold causing him to apologize. She considers consulting Dr. Chigyou for steel legs like Juuzou Suzuya's. In response, he announces his leave and promises to bring Sasaki as a quinque as she turns her gaze to the window.

Elsewhere, Koori Ui had approached Okahira in a park. Koori ignores Okahira's initial words as he considers those in the Oggai supplementary squads and Okahira to be proof that the dead can live once again. He understands that Okahira had died during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation and asks if he was alive because of Akihiro Kanou. Guessing it was either Kishou Arima or Hairu Ihei that Koori wanted back. He claims that he misses them, despite Ihei playing with his feeling are now good memories. Despite claiming that hope is important, Okahira goes on to say that the dead do not return. Koori thanks him for the blunt honesty shortly before Okahira gets up to leave, saying he needed to take a medicine in time or he would die again.

Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki had been watching the wedding ceremony from afar, noting Yoroko was beautiful. Touka thanks Kaneki for bringing her there, deducing that the hand Mutsuki showed her was a fake, a mere bluff. Kaneki smiles while boasting about his knowledge of the location from his past as an investigator before she tosses him a ring hanging on a cord. He reads the names "Arata" and "Hikari" engraved in it before Touka explains to him they were her parents. She shares that it has been her source of strength and was dear to her, so decided he should have it. After his surprise, Kaneki puts it around his neck and says it will remind him of her. They decide to meet up with the rest of Goat while a centipede moved on the ground below.