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One String (一糸, Isshi) is the one hundred twenty-forth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Mutsuki holds up Yoriko’s hand and comments that she was uncompliant during her arrest and says that she was suspected of harboring ghouls because she knew about Touka and stayed silent. Mutsuki asks Touka to go back to the station to have a chat. Touka kicks Mutsuki, sending him out of the cafe. Touka says she’s never heard of Yoriko and clenches her fist.

Aura attacks Kaneki. He extends his kagune and attempts to stab Kaneki, but Kaneki jumps to dodge him. He lands on his feet and rolls to avoid another attack. Aura continues to swipe at Kaneki while he dodges. Aura steps on Kaneki’s foot and manages to land a blow. Aura smiles and Kaneki tells him that he’s not that much of a pushover. He extends his own kagune and begins attacking Aura, impaling him with an attack from below. As Aura writhes on the ground, Kaneki tells him he should have known how long it would take for the suppressants to kick in. The Oggai suddenly arrive on bicycles as backup. Kaneki questions the bicycles and a member tells him that they are still under 18. One member commands the others to go.

The Oggai launch off a building and head towards Kaneki. Kaneki is knocked aside as the bicycles slam into the building. He wonders what is with their wheels. The Oggai unleash their kagunes and knock Kaneki back. Kaneki looks up to see Touka coming towards him. He tells her they should go. Mutsuki notices the two leaving and commands the Oggai to give chase, not wanting them to go and proclaiming that he will kill them. Aura looks towards Mutsuki and the :re café appears to go up in flames.

Tomoe is approached by Takizawa who comments that it’s probably hard for her to find food and asks if she wants him to get her some. He says that the world is getting hard for ghouls to call home. Tomoe asks Takizawa what destroys civilization and its citizens, to which Takizawa replies that atomic bombs do. Tomoe says that Tatara used to tell her that the sense of smell is what does, because finding things by sniffing them out leads to devastation. She says that people with good noses are bad news because they are always able to eat their fill. She comments that the Oggai are almost like having two deaths out there.

Urie tells Juuzou that Furuta is calling for him. Juuzou says that he’s going to play hooky and asks Urie if he wants to join him. Urie wants to talk to Juuzou so he agrees. Juuzou tells Urie that the situation smells the same as the 20th ward operation. He says that much blood will flow, as in the Owl operation many ghouls were killed and many investigators died. Urie asks if fighting under Furuta will bring the same result. Juuzou wonders what peace even is and wonders if either ghouls or humans disappear will they have peace. He throws a paper airplane and says that he would be fine if things stayed the way that they were and he comments that they’ve all hid rather well.

Elsewhere, Kaneki and Touka have found a safe and isolated area to stay for the night. Kaneki hopes they’re able to meet up with everyone else. He looks towards Touka and asks her if she’s okay. She asks him about Hide and asks what he would do when he felt like seeing him. Kaneki sits down next to her and tells her that he was never able to do something concrete because when he would think like that he would be consumed by the desire to see Hide again. He apologizes for not being much help and tells her that they should rest as they were beaten up pretty badly. Touka suddenly pounces on Kaneki, brushes her hair back and looks at him. She bends down and kisses him.