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Fail (フェイル, Feiru) is the one hundred twenty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Yoriko walks into a shop with many wedding dresses. She looks at one and comments that if she wore it the chest would be too loose. Someone calls out to her and she turns around.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki stands before Kaneki. He tells him that he saw Kaneki get beheaded on stage but he knew that Kaneki couldn't actually be dead and how he remembered that they had come to the café before. He asks Kaneki to come back, but he says he cannot, as Touka appears behind the counter and she and Mutsuki stare at each other.

At the chateau, Urie finds a present left for Mutsuki, he heads up to Mutsuki's room where he discovers the wall being covered with copies of the same photo with knives stabbed through them. Urie looks at the photo of Touka and Yoriko, Touka’s face has a knife in it.

Back at the café, Mutsuki sniffs it, declaring it to be run by ghouls due its scent. Mutsuki says that Kaneki betrayed them and the CCG by killing Arima. He asks Kaneki what he was to him. Kaneki begins to say that at the time they were important to him, but Mutsuki interrupts him. He smiles and suddenly cuts Kaneki's face with a knife.

Mutsuki tells Kaneki to come back and he will dispose of anyone who is in the way. Mutsuki repeatedly strikes Kaneki while wielding several knives. A knife plunges into Kaneki’s skin and he recognizes that it has RC suppressants incorporated into it. He thinks that he won’t be able to use his kagune if it keeps up and also realizes that Mutsuki came there to attack him. Mutsuki swipes at him with his kagune and hits in the side, sending him flying through the side of the building. Touka calls Kaneki and Mutsuki tells her to help him out. Kaneki is unexpectedly stabbed from behind. Aura stands behind Kaneki, kagune exposed, and he tells Kaneki that he’ll meet the same fate as his aunt. Kaneki notices that he is a second generation Quinx.

Touka runs towards Kaneki and Mutsuki sends a kick at her way, but she blocks it with her knee. He flips back and knocks over objects within the café. Touka jumps above Mutsuki and unleashes kagune projectiles, commenting on him being a customer with bad manners. Mutsuki dodges them and Touka lands on the counter, wondering how good Mutsuki’s eyesight is to be able to avoid her attack.

Mutsuki attacks Touka on the counter, then slashes at her and she evades while he calls her a cat repeatedly. Mutsuki elbows at Touka but she blocks him. Mutsuki surprises Touka by twirling around to catch onto her neck and attempting to choke her, only for the manager to release her kagune, piercing through him. Mutsuki falls back. He stands up and rants that he hates women. Mutsuki tells Touka that he came to see her and holds up a photograph and a severed hand with an engagement ring on it. Mutsuki tells Touka that Yoriko is going to get married.