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At What Time? (何時にする?, Nan ji ni suru? ) is the one hundred twenty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In an awkward situation, Touka Kirishima asks Ken Kaneki to wipe his mess from the floor. He then proceeds to drink a sip from the empty cup. Touka asks her question once more before Kaneki questions her intentions. Kaneki is weirded out and doesn't know how to respond and hopes for someone to help him. Touka then proceeds to tell him that it's okay for him to have sexual intercourse with her when the right time comes.

Another question she had was the reason Kaneki left her behind and decided to take the rest of the ghouls in Anteiku or elsewhere with him. Kaneki's answer was that he was afraid that she would charge ahead and leave without his knowledge as that was part of her personality. He was afraid that he would lose her, so he wanted to protect her and keep her away from death.

Touka proceeds to talk and mentions how the Haise part of him used to look at her like the way the Kaneki form of him would look at Rize Kamishiro.

Crashing into their conversation, Shuu Tsukiyama, almost out of breath, calls for Kaneki.

In another scene, Kichimura Washuu and Koori Ui stand at the top of a mountain of ghoul dead bodies. The bureau chief addresses the citizens and promises to exterminate all the ghouls.

The dead bodies were revealed to be a part of the Goat organization. Seeing this situation, Kaneki orders for all bases to dissolved. The Goat organization will split into squads and will have a meeting later at midnight. Kaneki asks Touka to go with him to which she agrees to and before Kaneki is able to open the door, Tooru Mutsuki barges in with a smile on his face and is happy to finally meet his sensei.