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One Will Hang (ひとり吊るされる, Hitori tsurusareru) is the one hundred twenty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Akira Mado talks to Ken Kaneki about her experience with Hinami Fueguchi and how that instilled some emotions within her. She continues to speak about how she feels lonely and empty after everyone that she could cling to, left. She couldn't get over her father's death so she began to cling to her duties at the CCG and she was empty. Kaneki points out that he's still there and he still has the memories of Haise Sasaki but Akira says that it doesn't matter if he has the memories, he still is not Haise. She then suddenly punches him in the stomach (similar to as she did in the CCG). Kaneki gets up and with a sad smile says that he's lonely to which Akira responds with the same.

Akira then meets Koutarou Amon and has a talk with him. She spoke about her experience with the ghoul children and about how she reached a dead-end and that she's not able to move on from this point. She feels empty so Amon asks her to feel that emptiness as that too is a way to cope with the emptiness. Akira thinks it's too scary but Amon assures her that he will stay by her side and will help her. That induces a kiss between the once co-partners in work.

The Quinx Squad, Juuzou Suzuya and first class Kuramoto Itou start talking about the events surrounding Kichimura Washuu and how the person killed in front of them might not have been Haise Sasaki. The idea that some ghouls can change their face like Uta also made them think that it might have not been Haise. Saiko Yonebayashi rushes in and is overly happy at the thought of Haise still being alive. Urie thinks that Haise is a defector and that even if they went after Furuta for his lies, nothing would change. What is important is that they know about his lies.

Somewhere else, Furuta introduces Koori Ui to Dr. Kanou and asks about the Oggai to which Kanou says they're doing well. Ui questions Furuta's actions which angers Furuta as Kanou had collaborated with Aogiri by offering his technology. He claims that he's upgrading the Quinx since there are some powerful ghouls like Noro, andd this will subsequently motivate and improve investigators. This leads to Furuta taking out a cylinder he retrieved from Aogiri in which Hairu Ihei's head is present and that shocks Ui, putting him in a hard spot. He talks about bringing her back to life and taunts Ui's ethics.

In another place, Takeomi Kuroiwa asks Tooru Mutsuki for a favor and that is to find Yoriko Kosaka's friend, Touka Kirishima so that he can invite her to their wedding.

Touka dyes her hair back to its original color. She and Kaneki have a conversation and moments later, she inquires about his virginity and to Kaneki's surprise, he spills his coffee on the floor.