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VE/SS/EL (う・つ・わ, u ・ tsu ・ wa) is the one hundred twentieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Touka Kirishima finally confronts Akira Mado and openly admits that she was the ghoul that killed her father. Without any delay, Touka tells Akira to come with her as they go to a park where ghoul children are playing. These are remaining ghouls from the island where Aogiri Tree resided.

Hinami Fueguchi comes and goes to play with the children while Touka talks about how Hinami was like Akira since she lost her parents too. Akira corrects her and while trying to intimidate Touka says that her dad killed Hinami's parents and it wasn't just that she lost them. Akira says that if empathy for those ghouls is what Touka wants, then she won't give it to them but Touka says that's not what she's after but she actually empathizes with her. She claims that young or old, ghouls are ghouls and they will eventually kill people to eat their flesh. She refuses to admit that what she did was a mistake and that she is proud of her father. Touka sympathizes with her and asks her if she's ever thought that by living in the past, she can't embrace the present. She then starts talking about her father and how he hunted for food behind her back and won't show his ghoul side to her. Her father was after revenge for her mother. Touka thinks that he was a "total idiot" for dying for such a reason. She explains that despite being her father, she can't accept his actions because he was wrong.

She then explains that Hinami had never held a grudge towards Akira's father. Touka then grabs Akira's hand and takes her down to where Hinami and the children are together. As the children hug Touka, Touka asks them to hug Akira as well to which she annoyingly agrees to.

Moments later, Hinami opens her arm wide in an invitation to hug Akira. Touka pushes Akira and both Hinami and Akira hug. This makes Akira sob and she starts questioning who she should have been hating this whole time and who she should hate now.


  • In a post-series interview, Sui Ishida revealed the events of the chapter were inspired by a documentary about the Vietnam War. Akira and Hinami's reconciliation is based on the real-life meeting between an American veteran and the daughter of a Vietnamese soldier he'd killed during the war.