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Withered Souls (枯魂, Kodama) is the twelfth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kanae von Rosewald visits his master, Shuu Tsukiyama, who has been in a crippling depression ever since Ken Kaneki left for the Anteiku Raid and never returned. Kanae questions Shuu about experiencing any sensations from the gift brought to him, but his senses remain dull. Although Shuu does not give the reaction Kanae was hoping for, Shuu notes a sense of nostalgia and that he likes the design.

Later, Kanae consults with Chie Hori at a cafe about the experience. Kanae demands that the pilfered underwear be put away as a skeptical Chie continues to question him. Annoyed, and dodging the question, Kanae asks who the underwear belongs to and it is revealed that they belong to the Ghoul Investigator, Haise Sasaki. Kanae mocks Haise's name ("Haise" sounds similar to the German word, "Heisse" which means "to be called"). Chie is threatened but deflects that if Shuu wanted her dead he would take care of it and would be upset if she died since she was thought of as a pet. Angered, Kanae takes his leave, but Chie, still skeptical, figures that there must have been a reaction if he bothered met her.

Chie remembers first hearing about Shuu during high school from female students who praised him for his intelligence, athleticism, and pedigree. She became interested in Shuu and got invited to one of his "Dinner Shows", but not feeling the urge to eat her, Shuu declared Chie a "pet" and they continue their school life harmoniously. Shuu was always eager to talk about the rare ingredients he found. Chie reflects on the day she found Shuu sobbing on a rooftop after Kaneki left and how it had been nine years since she photographed his hunting scene. She pines for Shuu to give her more excitement.

At the CCG Main Office, the Quinx and the Suzuya Squad have a meeting about Nutcracker. Hanbee discusses the data recovered from her house, a list of photos believed to be "ingredients". It is suspected that Nutcracker is working with the notorious Big Madam, a particularly nasty ghoul who is rumored to manage a human trafficking auction. If the two are cooperating, the case will become much bigger than expected, possibly needing the expertise of Division II.

After the meeting, Haise and the Quinx discuss the rarity of working with Division II and the mysterious absence of Urie, the only one not present at the meeting. Shirazu was informed that Urie had to go to the hospital, but unaware of the details, asks Haise who is just as confused and unable to contact Dr. Shiba. Meanwhile, Urie prepares for his Frame release surgery as Haise decides the squad will continue their investigation without him.

Haise informs the others that he has somewhere to be and orders them to go without him. He visits Donato Porpora and apologizes about his information going to waste because Torso got away. Donato is not bothered and admits that even although Torso is no concern of his, as a ghoul, he wonders how far Torso can escape, leaving Haise tentatively amused.

Before speaking about another case, to Haise's surprise, Donato spontaneously asks about Haise's memories. Donato accurately articulates Haise's state of mind. Donato notes that Haise suddenly seems down and also comes to the correct conclusion that it relates to something that happened during the Torso Investigation. Haise is glad that Donato can summarize his thoughts so easily for him, amusing him since it is something that humans do not normally like.

They briefly talk about Serpent, but since Donato claims to not know much, the conversation continues on about Haise's memories and a particular ghoul. Haise concludes that he and Serpent may have been acquaintances and wonders why Donato decided to suddenly bring up his memories. Donato wants to speak about a particular ghoul that he is interested in, one that he claims will become one of the keys to unlock his memories and informs Haise of his name. Donato is aware that Haise is hiding information about his experience with Serpent and wishes that "what fills the empty bowl is a hot soup", which Haise ponders about later.

After work, Haise visits :re where Touka approaches him as he is admiring the books. She tells him to help himself. She brings him a cup of coffee and engages in small talk. She mentions the people that came with him before who called him "teacher". Touka asks if he is a school teacher, but Haise denies it and says that he is a Ghoul Investigator and that he is their mentor.

Haise meets the Quinx at the Chateau to discuss the next plans for The Nutcracker Case. The data suggests that her hunting spots are in the 13th Ward scoping out night clubs. The list contains a myriad of different descriptions for ingredients, some for very specific attributes like artificial body parts, but others vague. Haise decides that the next course of action is to go undercover as women.