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Cruz (クルス, Kurusu) is the one hundred nineteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Akira Mado asks Koutarou Amon how he had entered her house, he mentions her window and she notices it is shattered to which she comments on how a former First Class investigator was breaking and entering. This leads to Amon trying to apologize, ultimately Akira interrupts him and begins telling him of the fact she had shut the world out and focused solely on her work, stating that she was neither happy nor annoyed, just confused. When Amon leaves briefly she lamented on the fact that she felt as if she had not told Amon the complete truth and the fact she did not know how to face him.

Outside Amon meets up with Ken Kaneki, Kaneki begins the conversation by asking how it had went for Amon, taking his silence as a hint towards the fact it had went bad, commenting on the fact it went as well as his own attempt, dropping down in front of Amon. Kaneki tells him that he was sure Amon would get through to her, but soon asks if the male wants to talk for a moment after Amon states that he is pretty useless. Amon begins talking about how he had escaped from Aogiri Tree and hid himself away after getting away from "Kanou's Dogs" as he called them. He noted that he had to teach himself how to use his own kagune, to which Kaneki notes that Touka had taught him how to use his kagune.

Amon vocalizes how strange it is for two former enemies to sit side by side like they had been doing, to which Kaneki states that he did not truly think Amon was trying to kill him aside from the first time they had fought. Amon states that he was shocked and that he had never heard of a situation where a ghoul would take strikes from an investigator and just let the investigator go. He proceeds to state that the world looks at things too simply, that the world sees ghouls as "man-eating monsters" and nothing more. Kaneki brings up the fact that the stance of the ghouls has worsened after the battle with the Clowns, while Amon comments on what Kaneki would do.

Kaneki states that he will fight for the ghouls and that was all he would do, Amon asks why a former human would go to such lengths for the ghouls, even going so far to state that even though he had become one himself, he never once contemplated the thought of fighting for them. Kaneki replies with the answer that he was the same as the ghouls after Amon asked if he had special feelings for them. Kaneki told him he though that he himself was a kind-hearted human, but says he was wrong, he could not care about most of the humans, he simply fought for those he cared for, it was his reason to live, his raison d'être. He even goes on say that his motivations are not gallant, to which Amon says that he gets the feeling he knows where Kaneki is coming from. Kaneki asks what Amon is going to do from that point.

Amon states that he does not know, that he will simply do what he thought was right, so he chooses to see the world for what it becomes in the future, he asks Kaneki how he would feel if those he lost returned to him, Kaneki replies that it would scare him. Amon questions that thought, to which Kaneki replies that he would have forgotten who they were at that point. Amon simply says that he understands Kaneki's reasoning.

Ghoul investigators sniff out some ghouls in a shipping yard, the search leads them to crate eight which holds a mother and a child. The group sets out to kill them in an instant and, without flippancy, the mother decides to attack them before two of their group members kill both her and her child, throwing them out the back of the crate and onto the soil outside.

Elsewhere, Furata explain that the Oggai will be used to increase the numbers at the CCG, being investigators with a keen sense of smell and being able to readily find ghouls. Furuta talks about his 100 Ken Kanekis and wondering what he would do to them, while Touka Kirishima can be seen entering Akira's room, mentioning that she had not healed yet and asking if the two of them could talk.