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Good Speech (良い話, Ī Hanashi) is the one hundred eighteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kichimura Washuu's odd appearance causes a commotion among the CCG. Koori Ui angrily questions Kichimura on his attire, who tells him that the CCG will be having a party. Kichimura introduces himself as the bureau director and presents the new armed forces to the CCG, a group of Oggai children.

Kichimura tells everyone that the Oggai will form a new "Quinx" unit and that Yoshitoki Washuu was the planner of the project. He states that the project's usefulness, despite being heavily criticized, has been demonstrated thanks to Kuki Urie, and that he will carry on the previous bureau director's wishes with the Oggai.

He mentions that the clowns confused the people by "creating a wall of meat." Kichimura orders for a number of Clowns to be brought out alongside what appears to Haise Sasaki, who are lined up on their knees. Kichimura asks Sasaki if he was the One-Eyed King who led the Clowns and has an Oggai kick him when he hesitates to answer. "Sasaki" confirms Kichimura's answer and is branded by Kichimura a betrayer of the CCG and a felon who helped the ghouls. The Oggai then decapitates "Sasaki" and the clowns, shocking everyone.

Kichimura then yells out, telling the CCG that their objective is to take over Tokyo and exterminate every single ghoul. This riles up the audience as they cheer for their bureau director.

At :re, Shuu Tsukiyama, Kurona Yasuhisa, Chie Hori, Naki, Shousei Idera, Hooguro, and Nishiki Nishio talk about the news of the CCG having disposed of the One-Eyed King spreading quickly on the Internet and newspapers. Chie notes that Furata is trying to change the CCG's system as the old CCG was exclusive and didn't release much information about internal affairs. Due to the false information being spread, Nishki asks if Kaneki plans on announcing himself as alive.

On the top of a building, Seidou Takizawa joins Ken Kaneki. The two talk about their dead existences to the public as well as how to outsmart Kichimura. When Kaneki thanks Takizawa for saving Koutarou Amon, Takizawa tells him that he has already carried out his purpose and that he will not have anything to do with Kaneki or Amon. Takizawa then tosses Amon's cross necklace to Kaneki, telling him to give it back to its owner. Kaneki tosses it back, however, saying that he cannot accept it. After Takizawa leaves, Kaneki tells himself that the former will die if he does not have a chain to hold on to.

Akira Mado wakes up and remembers how pained Kaneki sounded when he told her about his defection from the CCG. Upon remembering that it had already been a month since the Rushima Landing Operation, Akira runs to the exit worried about her pet cat, Maris Stella. Amon suddenly shows up with the cat, awkwardly greeting Akira for the first time in years.