Thumbs Up (親指たてる, Oyayubi Tateru) is the one hundred seventeenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Akira Mado wakes up, wondering where she is. She is greeted by Banjou, who is extremely and joyfully glad that she's alive, only for her to ask who he is. Banjou tells Kaneki, who goes to greet her. He states that his feelings towards her have not changed, but she wishes to stay away from him, as he is responsible for Kishou Arima's death. Take Hirako consoles Kaneki, stating that her reaction and emotional burden in her position is natural. Kaneki explains that their sources, Shuu and Chie (Shuu asks her to perform a cyber attack on the CCG but Chie replies that they don't have the resources and it'll leave a cyber trail), tells them that Akira has been expelled as a CCG investigator for violating the Ghoul Countermeasure Laws and protecting Seidou, making it impossible for her to return to the previous environment. However, Kaneki still cares for her while Take notes it will take a while for her to open up. He tells Kaneki that Hinami Fueguchi may be able to "shorten" the process to come to terms with her situation. However, as seen from Kaneki's conversation with Hinami, she still bears a grudge for what Akira's father did to her parents.

Koutaro Amon appears at re:. Touka jokingly asks if he's here to arrest her, to which he replies that he doesn't have his badge. He gets some coffee and has a discussion with Touka Kirishima. He tells her he is afraid to talk to Akira, seeing as she figured he had been long dead, and now he is no longer human either. Touka also wanted to talk to Akira but is scared due to her role in her father's death. Amon tells her he doesn't resent her for Kureo Mado's death, but the situation that led to it. Touka tells him that if it were her, she would accept that person no matter how much they changed.

The awakening of Mado has boosted morale among Goat. Meanwhile at the CCG, the positions have drastically changed. Mougan Tanakamaru is now S1 Squad leader, Juuzou Suzuya is the new leader of S3 Squad, Koori Ui is the new bureau chief advisor, and Kuki Urie is the new leader of S2 Squad. Urie was also promoted to the status of First Class Investigator. Finally, Nimura Furuta (who appears in a silly getup), now known as Kichimura Washuu, is the new bureau chief of the CCG.

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