A Dream from Somewhen (いつかの夢, Itsuka no Yume) is the one hundred sixteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Matsuri Washuu appears to still be alive after getting stabbed in the head by a katana. He takes that katana and starts slashing through V members and Clowns while stripping himself thinking of Kuki Urie. Next, Matsuri gets ready to fight with Kaiko. He states he will 'cut his way through,' but is eventually defeated by Kaiko and cut into ribbons. Meanwhile, Itsuki Marude is sighted at an unknown place, having watched the attempt on Matsuri's life.

We shift back to the Quinx's side where Saiko Yonebayashi is fighting while Ching-Li Hsiao is taking care of an injured Touma Higemaru. He asks about Urie's conditon and they reply that he is safe and to worry about himself for now. Higemaru thinks back to Saiko was amazing at providing support. Shinsanpei Aura acts like he hasn't seen what Tooru Mutsuki did to the Uta clone and they both decide to ally and kill Haise Sasaki. Uta starts speaking to Donato Porpora about how they need an extra part of their body as they've used them as clones. He also talks about the wonders of how a person exactly changes because of a single moment. Uta explains that he likes being involved because he's lonely and asks Donato if he's the same way. He replies that he's not as sentimental.

Goat members with the Arima Squad seemed to have been done with the Clowns on their side. And then, Ken Kaneki decides that it's time to go. Elsewhere, in the CCG Main Office, the investigators start clapping for Furuta as they've completely suppressed all the clown forces while he smiles happily knowing that everything is going according to his plan.

After a surgery, Akira Mado is said to be good and the rest is up to her healing ability. Ogura claims that his team will continue to operate underground and will be rooting for Goat. Kaneki is glad and right after, he runs into Koutarou Amon.

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