Question Child (問い子, Toiko) is the one hundred fifteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Takizawa continues battling Amon, while having flashbacks of his time in Kanou's experiment prison and his past relationship with Amon in their cells. He remembers starving and being fed his own family. He remembers conversing with Amon and both of them noticing the irony and promising not to give up. Later, Seidou manages to defeat Amon by piercing through his Kakuhou. Internally, he admits that he was always jealous of Amon as an investigator. Amon loses consciousness and turns back to normal, while Takizawa falls into a pit and is getting consumed by his Kakuja, becoming unable to think clearly. To prevent that from fully happening, Kurona uses an Rc suppressant tank to fill up the pit with the drug and turning Takizawa back to normal.

Meanwhile, Matsuri Washuu is getting stabbed in the head with a katana.

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