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I Am (わたしは, Watashi wa) is the one hundred thirteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The page starts off with a couple of investigators being killed off by a kagune. A group of investigators, one of them being Matsuri Washuu look at the responsible ghoul, and from a distance, Nico is seen holding a dead investigator and laughing to himself. Matsuri thinks that the ghoul looks familiar.

Back at the control station, Furuta is hoping for it to end quickly.

Some tired investigators are gasping for air as they've just finished combating ghouls. Kuramoto Itou, being one of those investigators thinks to him self, "There's no way."

As this is happening, Koori Ui is seen looking at something from a roof top. Mougan Tanakamaru disrupts his thoughts and asks him how are they going to deal with this. Ui replies by questioning if the Clowns were ghouls, and then discusses how this will ruin the morale of the future ghoul investigators. This isn't an extermination, it's a trap and the CCG will be crushed.

Suzuya is then seen combating Uta with Jason's 13. Suzuya thinks to himself that he's becoming unable to hit Uta and wonders if he had let him have those hits prior. Suzuya then delivers a couple of daggers into his body, but not until Uta flee's. Mutsuki wastes no time in trying to chase after him as Suzuyu. Juuzou internally thinks to himself that he's acting like Shinohara.

Back at the lab, Amon is seen developing his kagune sacks. Kaneki recalls the times they've met and the things Amon has said. He notes that out of all investigators he fought before becoming Haise, Amon is the only one who acknowledged him, not just as a ghoul but as a person. Now, he longer has the ability to converse. Sasaki contemplates to himself as to why the CCG is keeping Amon in this lab, but nonetheless, he is a ghoul investigator. He wonders if they plan to experiment on him.

Kaneki rushes at him, attempting to land a hit, but it's no use. Ayato then conveys him to not fight him, for they've already completed the mission which was to get Rc Suppressants. Kaneki tells himself that he cannot ignore Amon but Ayato tells him that he still has much to get done and that people rely on him, including Touka, and that he cannot die. Takizawa and Kurona, not bearing the same responsibility, insist they hold off Amon. They converse with one another about their time at the CCG.

In the next scene, Mutsuki is seen chasing after Uta. Just as he grabs him and begins to repeatedly to stab him with a knife, he hears laughter in his head. Uta reveals himself with the face of Haise Sasaki, calling Tooru's name.