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Saved From The Web (栖救, Sukyū) is the one hundred twelfth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Saiko Yonebayashi claps her hands together while forming multiple arms with her kagune to spread behind her and charges at Kuki Urie. She relentlessly attacks him before he cuts off the various arms on her left side, angering her so she sends tens of punches at him, calling him a moron. As he hits the ground, Ching-Li Hsiao jumps up, falling with a kick aimed at his kagune, disconnecting it from him. Saiko then creates a trap for Urie with her kagune, thinking he had no way out of it. However, he still manages to escape, confusing his two squad mates.

Saiko recalls how often Urie would be constantly muscle training, lifting weights,. He explained to her that basic training is the best way for an investigator to perform their duties and the faster their bodies degraded, the quicker their Rc cells would spread throughout their systems. He suggested she do the same instead of lolling about at home. She thinks to herself that he takes things too seriously.

Urie began to stand back up, his face contorting into a monster-like one. Saiko calls him out on lifting too much and says that he looks like a drawing. Assuming that she had to fight fire with fire, referring to his muscle capabilities, Saiko creates two massive muscular arms with large fists, each the size of own body.

Hsiao, upon identifying Saiko's strong point, her freedom, remembers back when she entered Saiko's room to see her using her kagune as a fan as she read. Surprised, she asks if she wants to sleep together. Hsiao, confused, caused Saiko to ask what was the matter before explaining that she was copying the Trinity Cutter from Mekatronika with her kagune. She added that it would be awesome to use something like it during a mission despite the possibility Urie would reprimand her for it afterwards. Hsiao noted to herself the skill necessary to maintain a single shape before deeming Saiko a natural genius for her capabilities.

Saiko brings one of her large fists down, decimating the entire upper half of the building they are on, sending Urie down to the surface below. Saiko follows him down and smashes him again as she lands. She demands that the squad leader snaps out of it before Hsiao slices at him a few times with her own kagune to make his Rc cells turn their attention towards healing. Urie cuts cleanly through Hsiao's kagune and begins cursing Haise Sasaki until Saiko uses her kagune to grip onto his own. Face to face, he begins to claim he's strong and wanting to be looked at, rips off one of her large arms and stabs her through the midsection.

Saiko quietly begs Urie to stop and reaches out to him. Embracing him with his face nestled between her breasts, she tells him she loves him and he calms down moments before Hsiao injects him with Rc suppressants above his kakuhou. Hsiao explains what she did when Urie slumped onto Saiko. Saiko explains that Urie returned to his senses on his own and mentions his strength as well as his similarities to Sasaki. He claims that it's just like Urie  to take on too much and ends up hurting himself.  She claims that that's what he gets for pointing a blade at her and that no matter how much men say that their men, if you bury a pair of tits in their face, they will shut up. Finally, with Urie unconscious, they decide to follow up on Touma Higemaru's condition.

Elsewhere, Kaiko discusses with other V agents the White Suits and the whereabouts of Ken Kaneki. They mention a top-secret matter involving Rize and a gift of Kuzen's and, with swords in hand, question if they should attend to the death of certain "ghoul bastards."


Chapter Pun: Rescue