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Set P (集合P, Shūgōpī) is the one hundred eleventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In a flashback, Amon is seen unconscious inside a water chamber. He is observed by Eto and Kanou, who can't wait to see how he turns out as a one-eyed ghoul. After some time, Amon wakes up in his cell and sees Takizawa being tortured and fed unwillingly. Amon then notices a kagune-like structure having replaced his amputated arm. A plate of meat is slid through the flap door and Amon recognizes it as human flesh. Amon takes a look inside the toilet bowl, the water surface reflecting his single kakugan. Amon recognizes it as the work of Kanou and realizes his current predicament.

Some time later, Kanou visits Amon who glares at him, telling the investigator to eat or die. Amon is later strapped to a table and is fed human flesh through a tube strapped to his mouth, asking himself why it had to be him to suffer. Two Aogiri members take Amon for a walk, where they are ambushed with a smoke grenade and taken out by Scarecrow. The mysterious ghoul then greets Amon by name.

In the present, Amon goes berserk and punches through the glass of the chamber he was held in, unleashing his kagune in front of Kaneki, Ayato, Takizawa and Kurona.

Elsewhere, Higemaru brings Saiko and Hsiao to where Urie was, before collapsing. While Hsiao calls a medical team for him, Saiko sees Donato Porpora on a rooftop who disappears shortly after. The two head up to the rooftop of the building Urie was in and see him in a deranged state, barely dodging an attack. Hsiao states that Urie had framed out and that he won't be coming back.

Saiko recalls how Urie told her, Shirazu and Mutsuki about how they must surpass Arima, the only person capable of stopping Sasaki. He asks them why they must get stronger. They answer to get better and to make special class, to which he tells them that they're wrong. Urie explains in the event that Sasaki went berserk, they would have to be strong enough to stop him. When Saiko asks what if one of them went berserk, Urie tells them that he will not hesitate to put down that person. n the case where they lose their minds, they well be seen as an S class ghoul and extreminated. Shirazu doesn't want to be killed by his family. Urie further explains that the Quinx are safer than Haise due to their frames. Their frames will not break unless under extreme conditions, which will cause them to "frame out." Urie tells them that he will not hesitate if this happens to any of them.

Saiko then tells Hsiao to prepare for battle, activating her kakugan alongside Amon. Saiko doesn't want anyone else to die.