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That (其れ, Sore) is the one hundred tenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Uta jumps down from the lamp post he was standing on and attacks Juuzou Suzuya from behind. Suzuya counters with a knife to Uta's throat and proceeds to slash him with 13's Jason multiple times, noting that Uta is not fighting back. Uta backs away in pain and suddenly reveals his face disguised as Yukinori Shinohara. Stunned, Suzuya falls for the trick as Uta holds him close and pats him on the back, telling him that there is no need to be so reckless.

Before Uta can strike Suzuya with his kagune, Hanbee Abara arrives in time to slice Uta's face vertically in half. Miyuki Mikage comforts Suzuya, who reminisces about his time with Shinohara and explains that he could not help but freeze for a second when he saw his face. He understands as it is human nature to trust their dreams. Suzuya then orders Keijin Nakarai to tell the S3 Squad that there are humans among the Clowns and to not attack the clowns that don't fight back. Mizurou Tamaki thinks to himself about the person who thought this up as a real piece of work.

Kuki Urie, having framed out, charges at Donato Porpora. Donato calls Urie a pitiful child who continues to fight because of Mikito Urie's death and that all his misfortunes are because of his father. Urie strikes at Donato, telling him that he chose to become an investigator himself. Donato continues antagonizing Urie, stating that he only wanted his father to acknowledge and approve of his son, and that he hated his father who had died and left him behind. Enraged, Urie stabs through Donato who dissipates into nothing. Elsewhere, Donato sees his finger crumbling into pieces, revealing that Urie was only fighting a clone of Donato made out of his finger. Losing control of himself, Urie yells for someone to help him.

Ken Kaneki, Ayato Kirishima, Seidou Takizawa, and Kurona Yasuhisa head deeper inside the CCG Laboratory. Takizawa picks up the smell of Rc suppressants and says that they are getting close. They arrive at a door and Ayato uses his sensing ability to determine the number of researchers inside, though he states that he is not as good as Hinami Fueguchi or Miza Kusakari. Kaneki uses his kagune to slice the electrical wiring, causing a power outage. Under the guise of darkness, he warns one researcher not to move or he'll die and the four tie the eight researchers up.

The four enter and see the Rc suppressants inside a canister. The smell causes Kaneki to feel nauseated and Takizawa to vomit. Ayato wonders what the CCG are planning to do with this much suppressor drugs, as children inside containers labeled as Rize 77, Rize 78, Rize 79, and more are shown. Chieko, a researcher, comes out of her hiding place and dashes to the exit, but Takizawa manages to stop her. Chieko presses a button which activates a chamber containing Koutarou Amon, who opens his eye and activates his kakugan.