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The Value of Waiting (待ち甲斐, Machigai) is the eleventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The Quinx and Suzuya Squad discuss the Nutcracker case. Hanbee Abara asks where the other Quinxs are. Haise Sasaki apologizes and tells him that Saiko Yonebayashi and Ginshi Shirazu are not present due to circumstances. Juuzou Suzuya appears and Haise greets him with sweets and treats, something he has been doing for years, according to Hanbee.

Shirazu appears with Saiko on his back, apologizing for being late, and Hanbee starts reviewing the case by mentioning only the important points.

The Nutcracker ghoul is a very particular eater that mainly preys on men's testicles, crushing and slurping them up in the form of a paste. However, there are cases where it does not prey at all; it is suspected that Nutcracker is involved in human trafficking. According to Hanbee, Matsuri Washuu hypothesizes that Big Madam will eventually request Nutcracker to provide humans. They have identified Nutcracker's face and habitat, but to prevent more horrible cases they have decided to let her roam free.

The Quinx Squad sit at a cafe while working on an investigation, where they ramble about their problems within the team until a woman makes eye contact with Shirazu. He panics while the woman pours herself a cup of water while leaving.

After they leave the cafe, Tooru Mutsuki tells Shirazu that Kuki Urie lied. The consent form states that even if they leave the CCG, they will still be provided money. Shirazu agrees that even though Urie lied, at least it has motivated Saiko. He wonders why Sasaki does not help.

Urie approaches Haise with a letter of consent for an operation, telling him Haise needs to permit the surgery. Haise tells Urie that he agreed upon Yoshitoki Washuu's request of being a mentor. He is supposed to teach the Quinx how to use their power correctly. Haise tells Urie that they are not guinea pigs and that this way of doing things is wrong. He tells Urie that his Qs ability is not his only attribute. He advises Urie that he has plenty of room for improvement.

At a café named OCEANS'R, Kanae von Rosewald speaks with Chie Hori. She returns a pair of underwear to Chie. When she asks about Tsukiyama’s reaction, Kanae says that he did not respond.