Until the Pen (ペンまで, Pen made) is the one hundred ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Previously at an orphanage, Donato Porpora was subjugated by Mikito Urie while Iwao Kuroiwa strapped a wristband equipped with Rc suppressants onto him. As Donato lost consciousness, he called out to Koutarou Amon. Amon was found inside the basement wearing a surgical mask and was taken into custody by the CCG.

Back to the abandoned building, Donato grabs a severely injured Kuki Urie by the hair and thrashes his face across the windows, causing Urie so much pain that he cannot feel anything anymore until Donato finally throws him onto the floor. Urie begins hallucinating and sees Touma Higemaru's uncle's corpse under him, wondering if he will end up like him. He reminisces about his father, thinking back to how he hoped to be an investigator when he grew up so that they could work together. He states that his father worked so hard to capture Donato, and suddenly stands back up with his kagune coming out. Donato gets enthusiastic as he releases his kagune. Both of Urie's eyes reveal a kakugan.

Ken Kaneki regroups with Ayato Kirishima, Kurona Yasuhisa, and Seidou Takizawa at the 1st ward. They sneak into the CCG Laboratory Division disguised as CCG employees. On their way to find the Rc suppressants, Kurona tells Kaneki how she was jealous that Akihiro Kanou regretted parting ways with Kaneki while considering her and Nashiro Yasuhisa failures. Kaneki empathizes with her, saying that someone who does not acknowledge her cannot judge her. She thanks him. The group has trouble searching for the Rc suppressants but only find a logbook pointing at Research Facility-4.

Suzuya Squad continues facing off Clowns at the bridge near the CCG Main Office. Keijin Nakarai asks Juuzou Suzuya if he has noticed anything peculiar about the Clowns. Juuzou cuts a Clown's mask off and uncovers a human with a stitched mouth crying and pleading for help. Before the subject can answer Juuzou's question, he is killed by Uta. Uta introduces himself while Juuzou taunts him by saying that he will draw a face on Uta's mask.

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