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Eternity (永久, Towa) is the one hundred eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Sometime ago, Kuki Urie sat with Dr. Shiba to discuss the current Rc levels of the Quinx Squad members. While the levels of the other four members were stable, at 1911, Urie’s level was both above the stability level and the marker for being a ghoul. This resolution to Urie led him to believe it was an effect of the Frame release surgery. Afterwards, Shiba mentions the battle against Floppy, a kakuja, believing the encounter marked Urie’s potential to one day emerge as a Special Class ghoul investigator. He then requests for him to eat a sandwich, causing Urie to enter a coughing fit. Therefore, Shiba advises him against going beyond the third frame and answers to Urie’s mention of Tooru Mutsuki’s Rc level.

Meanwhile in the 1st ward, Mutsuki slashes through the face of a Clowns member before providing support to Keijin Nakarai, cutting down the ghouls in front of him. Nearby, Nakarai watches Shinsanpei Aura be on his own rampage as Mutsuki encourages his fellow Quinx after commenting that he needed to cut deeper. On the side, Mizurou Tamaki and Hanbee Abara briefly touch on the weak singular capabilities of the Clowns, predicting a speedy victory. Silently, Juuzou Suzuya remembers his old self and the “disgusting feeling in the hand” while killing.

In the CCG Main Office, Souta Washuu-Furuta wonders if they have noticed. Nearby, a CCG employee interrupts his thoughts to inform him of the strong upper-hand the CCG held at the main branch, and the insignificant losses they endured. Furuta then asks about the 22nd ward, hearing that the fighting there continued. On the side, another CCG employee adds that the reinforcements have arrived on scene yet have neither received an update nor any communication. Falsely being surprised, Furuta acknowledges the effectiveness of the V agents and is told about Goat. Thinking of both its establishment and existence as unnecessary, considering the inability to distinguish them against the CCG’s other enemies, he declares Goat’s member to be handled as enemies.

Elsewhere, V agents continue to pursue Ken Kaneki; he takes note of their speed before hooking his kagune into the building's brick wall and hops from railing to railing up towards the roof. V agents were still hot on his heels with their weapons ready as one strikes with a down swing but is dodged by Kaneki, who contemplates whether to cut their tendons to end their chase. He changes his mind upon spotting a train in the distance, aims for it, and jumps off the rooftop. He perfectly lands, leaving the V agents far behind, and decides to ride the train to his destination at the CCG Laboratory.

Attached to the ceiling, Kuki Urie is questioned about his thoughts of Haise Sasaki. Before answering he asks his inquirer why, however, Donato Porpora simply justifies it as personal curiosity. Donato further questions what Urie's feelings would be if Sasaki was the one controlling the rampaging Clowns, stating that Haise is famous among them. Urie openly states his doubt it was Sasaki, believing him to be incapable of leading multiple factions. He deduces that the Clowns have no reason to join Sasaki or much less trust him. Simply put, he considered it more reasonable the Clowns were acting on their own accord. He sticks with this opinion despite Donato's interjection about his group's love of the infamous.

Face down on the floor, Touma Higemaru mentally pleads Urie against taking action before his squad leader asks Donato about the fresh air. Donato then includes in their conversation his new dislike of the “food” in Tokyo, its slimmer women and decline in clever children. Urie figures why Donato ran an orphanage from the ghoul's description of children, while internally pleading for Higemaru to escape. Donato continues his talk of the orphanage, his “place of tranquility.” Whilst attempting to recall the name of the investigator who took away “his everything,” Higemaru's movement shifts his attention. His momentary distraction gives an opening for Urie to break out of Donato's kagune and land on him to tightly grip onto his neck. Urie orders Higemaru to go before choking Donato in an attempt to kill him. However, Donato manifests his kagune to spear through the investigator and finally remembers the name Mikito Urie, the man responsible for his capture and imprisonment in Cochlea and Urie's deceased father.