V (V, ) is the one hundred seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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In an abandoned building in the 2nd ward, Touma Higemaru and Kuki Urie confront Donato Porpora, who immediately severs Higemaru's arm, causing him to collapse in pain. Donato starts to taunt him and ruin his focus. Unnerved, Urie begins doubting himself, tells Higemaru to run, and blocks Donato's kagune from reaching him. As Urie contemplates how he will imprison him in the Cochlea again, Donato suddenly disappears from their sight and his kagune protrudes from the ceiling, trapping Urie. Donato begins sadistically and slowly dismembering Higemaru, eventually tearing his arm off while in a state of euphoria.

Twenty minutes have passed since Goat arrived at the 22nd ward, so Kaneki prepares to head to the CCG Lab. However, V agents appear to assist the CCG and slit his mask. Take Hirako tells Kaneki that they are like a matured 0 squad. The V agents get into formation and start attacking Shuu Tsukiyama and Nishiki Nishio. Kaneki manages to injure several of them when Kaya Irimi reassures Kaneki that they can handle it and to not underestimate Hinami Fueguchi and Miza Kusakari's abilities. Kaneki excuses himself while leaving Tsukiyama in charge of them.

Ayato Kirishima, Kurona Yasuhisa and Seidou Takizawa get prepared to enter the CCG Lab.

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