A Hopeless Course (ダメな線, Damena sen) is the one hundred sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The members of Goat interrupt the Clowns rampant on the streets of the 22nd ward by rapidly picking them off. Their actions confuse several ghoul investigators before Take Hirako enters and divides a ghoul in two with his quinque, the 0 Squad in tow. A Clown attempting to pounce from above is skewered in the skull midair by Ken Kaneki, who continues to behead multiple enemies at once with his kagune.

The havoc wreaked by the Clowns is reported in the news. Meanwhile, those in the CCG Main Office control room learn of the recent presence of "HS" and the 0 Squad in one of the wards. They are surprised that the ghouls are killing each other. Souta Washuu-Furuta discerns who held leadership of the White Suits since they arrived with them. Furthermore, he figures the timing Kaneki chose was specific in order to simultaneously provide support to the CCG as well as fulfilling his own agenda.

A CCG employee explains the situations of the current six wards under attack. Kuroiwa Squad is situated in the 9th ward south of the CCG Main Office, where the Clowns were utilizing explosive balloons. Northeast in the 18th ward, total suppression there is likely as they had less enemies, as well as Special Class Mougan Tanakamaru, therefore he and his group decide to provide support elsewhere. Although there is assistance from both the fire department and the Quinx Squad, progress in the 2nd ward, southeast of the Main Office, is slow as an effect of the crowded bystanders. The last two, the 19th and 22nd wards are being defended by the investigators on-site, and Koori Ui and the S1 Squad are traveling to provide support. At the Main Office, Matsuri Washuu with S2 would be defending the rear. While from the front, Suzuya Squad prepares to defend against the vast amount of approaching Clowns, and Juuzou Suzuya slices off the heads of several after receiving orders from Furuta.

The Clowns light and toss a Molotov cocktail, one landing and setting ablaze Inoue's head. A Clown introduces himself as Vancouver before being killed by Touma Higemaru. His uncle requests their protection, so Kuki Urie splits the Quinx Squad, Saiko Yonebayashi telling him to call should anything happen. Touma's uncle shares with Urie about their family's values and his newfound recognition of ghoul investigators. Moments after Urie empathizes with him, he is stabbed through the side of his chest by a kagune, shocking Touma. Urie advises him to calm himself, pinpointing the building the attack came from, and creates a brief plan. The two cautiously make their way through the halls - Urie recalls having seen the kagune in files - and they encounter Donato Porpora. Urie tells Hige to stay focused or he will die. At that moment, Hige's arm is cut off.

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