Stage (床, Toko) is the one hundred fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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At a festival in the 9th ward, a Clown offers a balloon to a child. The child takes the balloon and it suddenly explodes, killing both him and the Clown. The child's mother stares in horror as her son lies dead on the floor, stunned by the action. Suddenly, a barrage of Clowns chase the citizens with their explosive balloons, causing the crowd to run in a panic. The CCG arrives to fight them. Misato Gori orders the ukaku firing squad to aim for the balloons, while Takeomi and Iwao Kuroiwa deal with the rest of the Clowns.

Mougan Tanakamaru handles several Clowns in the 18th ward, predicting that they will not raid anymore, but that if Furuta's speculations are true, the Clowns' next target will be the CCG Main Office. At the 2nd ward, Urie orders the Quinx Squad to undergo formation C2 and Saiko asserts to not let the Clowns pass the defensive line.

No attacks in the 1st ward have been reported yet, as Koori Ui and Matsuri Washuu monitor the activity in the Main Office. Matsuri mocks Ui for the dilemma, saying that he will be an Associate Special Class the next time they meet. Ui walks away, telling Juuzou Suzuya to protect the Main Office, as he commands S1 Squad to break into three different groups to reinforce the surrounding wards. Matsuri asks Juuzou if he will join Ui since they are unsure if the 1st ward will be attacked. Suddenly, they receive an alert that the Clowns have surrounded the Main Office. Furuta orders the investigators to head to their battle stations. He repeats himself, urging them to take immediate action and tells Suzuya to lead S3 Squad. Juuzou orders his squad to prepare for combat. Furuta requests Matsuri to command the rear guard. As S2 get into formation, Furuta jokingly tells himself that he will protect the CCG.

At the 22nd ward, Naki, Shuu Tsukiyama, the White Suits, and Ken Kaneki prepare to confront the CCG.

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