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Sudden Death (頓死, Tonshi) is the one hundred fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Saiko Yonebayashi summarizes her day, from the invitation to Oasis to spewing her drink on Koori Ui after being surprised by Takeomi Kuroiwa's abrupt proposal to Yoriko Kosaka. She continues to recount the events to Touma Higemaru at The Chateau, who was curious about Takeomi's engagement. Higemaru questions Kuki Urie if he was interested in it as well, though secretly shaken, Urie only replies he was not really.

On the other hand, the still hospitalized Kiyoko Aura is delighted at the news. She and Iwao Kuroiwa converse about his future as a grandfather and the continued search for Akira Mado. They worry that if Tooru's report about her protecting Seidou are true, her late parents wouldn't be pleased. Closing their words, Iwao departs and Keijin Nakarai visits her. He updates her on the CCG's current defense status, and surprises her after accrediting the planned movements of the CCG's manpower to Koori Ui, when she initially presumed it was Matsuri Washuu. Concerning her nephew, Shinsanpei Aura, she asks Keijin to keep an eye on him due to his anger towards the One-Eyed King. Continuing, she requests Keijin to relay a message to him, and her thoughts turn to Koori - wishing he, as well as Keijin, had a woman to love like Takeomi.

Meanwhile, Koori walks down a hall with Souta Washuu-Furuta and encounters Matsuri, they engage in a tense discussion concerning the authority and qualification required to approve operations in the CCG. It ends in Matsuri's annoyance and the responsibility of Furuta's decisions in addition to the mission's outcome for Koori. Following Matsuri's leave, Koori shares words of encouragement to Furuta.

Ayato Kirishima dons his tailored suit, retelling to Shuu Tsukiyama. Nearby, Tycho Johannes shares with Tsukiyama how he managed to maintain ownership of his atelier. Ken Kaneki ponders everyone's distribution into teams just before Naki has an outburst. He fails to understand the purpose of the buttonhole on the lapel of his suit jacket, so Tsukiyama explains it is for a boutonnière. Kaneki is approached by one of the 0 Squad children and splits the members into two groups, the Suits Group and the Lab Group. Kaneki chooses three (Ayato, Kurona Yasuhisa, and Nishiki Nishio) for the Lab Group based on who can "take a hit" and bunches the White Suits, and the 0 Squad into the Suits Group led by Tsukiyama. He designates who will be support and is approached by Seidou Takizawa, at his urging, Kaneki has him replace Nishiki in the Lab Group. Kaneki asks what he prefers to be called and Seidou is okay with anything. Enji Koma is trusted to "hold down the fort" and chooses Renji Yomo and Touka Kirishima to handle the communication responsibilities. Kaneki and Touka share an identical internal question and Kaneki agrees to Touka's request to speak afterwards.

Outdoors, Yoriko and Takeomi speak about their engagement. Curious as to why Takeomi decided on her for his bride, Yoriko asks and he tells her the words of advice his father gave him: "Marry a woman that knows how to cook good food." Yoriko jokingly takes this literally causing Take to further justifies his choice with the belief she was a courageous woman who was good from the bottom of her heart. In the touching moment, Yoriko expresses her wish to tell her friend what has happened and remembers Touka. Takeomi offers to search for info on her and writes down her full name after Yoriko tells him.

On the ninth of February, Touka is behind the front counter of :re before the news reports the sudden presence of the Clowns at the Valentine's Day Fair.