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Almost Too Much Wealth (ありあまるほどの富, Ariamaru Hodo no Tomi) is the one hundred third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



A long time ago, at Teihou University, Akihiro Kanou was introduced to the Ghoul Research Society. Hisashi Ogura noted that Kanou looked at them as if they were bugs.

At the meeting place, Ken Kaneki recalls Ogura as the TV presenter who would regularly speak negatively about ghouls. He apologizes and claims that he is filled with regret. Shuu Tsukiyama questions what Ogura would have done had they had been less friendly, to which Ogura responds that he only grants his business card to trustworthy people. They continue their discussion at Kaneki's base, while Tsukiyama begins a karaoke track.

Ogura explains that the Great Wheel Act was founded by students at Kamii University. The organization existed before Sen Takatsuki revealed herself as a ghoul, but were eventually disbanded due to strict regulations. Though the organization's structure and members have changed, they still pursue the same principle, that they "just happened to be born human." In a world where the circumstances of your birth determine the side you are on, the Great Wheel Act seeks to rectify that system. Ogura mentions a medical student who preached these principles and was in love with a ghoul. Nishiki Nishio realized who Ogura was talking about and is astounded to hear about her. When questioned about his reaction, he claims it's nothing to worry about.

Just as Ogura's attendant talks about how the treatment of ghouls and humans does not differ aside from the way their bodies react to Rc cells, Tsukiyama adds that as long as they use Rc suppressants, they could treat humans, namely Akira Mado. Kaneki suggests breaking into the CCG's lab to take the Rc suppressants, telling Tsukiyama that he remembers the pungent odor emitted from them. After Ogura and his attendant leave, Kaneki asks Nishiki about the Great Wheel Act's founder, to which Nishiki interrupts and asks Kaneki to sing karaoke with him.

At the CCG conference, the Special Class Ghoul Investigators discuss how the Clowns retreated after about ten percent of their forces are eliminated. Souta Washuu-Furuta explains how the Clowns are thinning out the CCG's defenses by making these seemingly random but coordinated attacks throughout Tokyo. The CCG subdivides its forces throughout the individual wards which leave them vulnerable. Furuta introduces a plan where he has Juuzou Suzuya take on the mantle left behind by Kishou Arima in order to protect the CCG Main Office, where he presumes the Clowns will attack next. Koori Ui decides to assume all responsibility for the outcome of Furuta's plan.

Takeomi Kuroiwa meets with Ui to talk about their next mission. To Ui's surprise, Kuki Urie predicted that the main office would be the Clowns' next target. Takeomi invites Ui to dinner, which he accepts. Ui, Takeomi, and Saiko Yonebayashi reunite at the bakery and meet Yoriko Kosaka. The manager reads about the ghouls in the news and worries about what is going to happen, but Yoriko apprises him that everybody is worried. Suddenly, Takeomi proposes to Yoriko, causing Saiko to spit her drink out all over Ui.


  • The first song Tsukiyama sang was "A Whole New World" from the movie Aladdin.
  • The second song played by Kaneki and Nishiki is "Unravel" by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure.