Great Wheel (大環, Taiwa) is the one hundred second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Nico enters the room, informing Kazuichi Banjou, Nishiki Nishio, and Seidou Takizawa he had found them through Roma Hoito's "SOS signal," her detached kagune, saying he was not there to retrieve her but to "curry favor with" Ken Kaneki. Although he can't heal her, he recommends that they take her to a doctor. Seidou says they can't take her to a doctor since she acted against Ghoul Counter Measure Laws by protecting him. Nico shocks Seidou when he announces Akira Mado's imminent death, saying the Rc cells in her system need to be removed, presenting two options to achieve that: Dr. Akihiro Kanou or Great Wheel Act.

Naki charges into the room, Hooguro and Shousei Idera not far behind him, where Shuu Tsukiyama is, and demands to know what purpose they had with the white suits. Tsukiyama says that it is none of his concern since Naki didn't join Goat and directs him to ask Kaneki who came into the room. Naki continues to blame Kaneki for the death of Yamori. Kaneki explains that Yamori believed ghouls were made to take from each other and he only killed him to ensure his own survival. Eventually, Kaneki asks how he can gain the White Suits as followers, Naki replying that in the 13th ward, the strongest takes all. Before the first blow, Miza Kusakari tried to stops Naki but Shousei tells her to not insult him. Naki and Kaneki initiate a battle that goes similarly to the one with Jason, resulting in the former's defeat and the White Suits' new leadership under Kaneki.

Kaneki tells Nishiki the White Suits have joined them before he is handed the card Nico had provided earlier to contact the Great Wheel Act. They are a ghoul support organization with a medical team. Nishio suggests they leave, since their location is likely known but Kaneki decides against it and calls the human organization.

Kaneki visits Akira before meeting with Great Wheel Act with Tsukiyama and Nishiki and soon Hisashi Ogura introduces himself as a member to the trio.

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