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Bone (骨, Hone) is the first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The narrator introduces a new species of beings that mix into the crowd of humans comfortably, eat human flesh, and pretend to be like people, making the two existences very different. Hinami Fueguchi and Ayato Kirishima are seen affiliated with each other, and Karren von Rosewald, an ally of Shuu Tsukiyama, is in despair, pitying Tsukiyama’s situation. The mysterious grotesque creatures mentioned earlier by the narrator are revealed to be called "ghouls."

At Tagami Park, ghoul investigators arrive at a crime scene where it is made known that they have a ghoul suspect on their hands, called Torso. Ghouls only survive by eating human flesh, which makes them humanity's natural enemy, and that the Commission of Counter Ghoul is the only organization that solves ghoul-related cases around the world. In the 1st ward of Tokyo, at the CCG Main Office, Haise Sasaki is seeking to help welcome new recruits to work for the organization and is suddenly asked of the whereabouts of Akira Mado, to which he says it is Tuesday and she would most likely be at the curry restaurant serving free naan.

At Doctor Shiba's Office, Tooru Mutsuki, a new recruit, is having his blood drawn due to his supposed weakness caused by a condition he has known as anaemia. Mutsuki is repelled by the sight of blood, rendering himself a fruitless investigator. The doctor notes that none of the new recruits visited him to have their blood drawn, to which Mutsuki replies that they were all doing solo missions. On the way back, Tooru bumps into an investigator, a member of the Hirako Squad in competition with Tooru's group for capturing ghouls. Other CCG investigators have expressed prejudice over the new recruits. They talk about how inept they are.

At the curry restaurant, Akira Mado remarks that her squad has not even a third of the achievements which Hirako Squad has. She advises that Sasaki should train harder, for he must surpass the investigator of the highest rank, Kishou Arima. It is believed that the ghoul organization, Aogiri Tree, is continually increasing its influence and the CCG would have to battle them soon. Therefore, the only ray of hope for the CCG is currently the squad that Sasaki leads, along with the only one that can surpass Arima, Sasaki himself. Sasaki doubts this and mentions that Arima is a busy man. Akira, however, suggests that he go visit Arima, for Arima constantly shows concern and parental love for Sasaki. Akira also advises Sasaki to aim high with his goals.

Mutsuki approaches Sasaki and is asked to give a report on his most recent investigation. When asked about their whereabouts, Mutsuki reveals that Urie and Shirazu are doing solo missions, so as to look deeply into the ghoul case about Torso; an A-rated ghoul too difficult for them to handle. Sasaki decides to get information of the investigation handled by Urie and Shirazu, taking Mutsuki with him. Sasaki reveals that it is quite challenging to keep his team together, making it impossible to produce a match for Kishou Arima.

They approach the lead investigator of Shimoguchi's team to make a complaint. Despite their best efforts, the investigator berates them, saying that the disobedience of the squad is a result of Sasaki's own incompetence. Sasaki apologizes and bows to plea, to which Hirako’s deputy squad leader sets discrimination once again on Sasaki especially, saying that Sasaki and his group are lesser investigators, who are not fit for the job. Embarrassed and ashamed, Sasaki inveighs his "lame apology," but Mutsuki comforts him, reassuring him he was cool. Sasaki quickly dismisses the issue, suggesting that they go to the CCG Main Office to gather information.

On the streets of Tokyo, Kuki Urie travels in a taxi, where he analyzes the personal data of the driver of the taxi, Akashi Kobayashi, who is a ghoul. Urie confronts Kobayashi about his hobby, to which begins to explain his love for making sweets. When they abruptly halt at a random location, Urie verbally attacks him, and Akashi quickly opens up about his obsession with blood as a ghoul. Urie suspects him to be Torso, quickly flying out of the car to get ready for a battle.

The narrator mentions that the predatory organ of ghouls is referred to as a kagune, or "liquid muscle." It is hard as steel but flexible like water. Ghouls also possess the special cells, Rc cells, that activate the kagune, as well as provide strength and regeneration power. The individuals, who have to combat ghouls, are both trained in physique and the usage of weapons and are therefore called ghoul investigators.

Ginshi Shirazu arrives at Urie's aid but is suddenly struck by Akashi's kagune. Urie decides to take on the target ghoul by himself, piercing him with his own kagune since he is not a ghoul but a Quinx, those able to utilize the abilities of ghouls. After Akashi’s defeat, Urie and Shirazu start to argue over who gets the credit for completing the mission. Suddenly, Sasaki intervenes just when Akashi planned to attack again and scolds the two for executing the mission on their own.

Urie accuses Sasaki of blindly following the case and warns him that if he does not start killing ghouls, there will never be an end to ghouls. Later on, Sasaki contemplates Urie's words. He is a mentor of the team, known as the Quinx Squad, a group of human research subjects of the CCG.

It is revealed that Akashi Kobayashi, whom Urie confronted, was not the real Torso, and that the real Torso is still lurking the streets of Tokyo, indulging in the pleasure of eating humans.