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The RC Scan Gate (RC検査ゲート, RC kensa gēto) is a security device used to measure the level of the RC cells of each individual who passes through them. It is used to detect and identify a ghoul, should one attempt to enter the secured area.

These devices are present in buildings owned by the Commission of Counter Ghoul and used to prevent ghouls from getting past the main lobby. The devices are considered too expensive for use in most buildings, restricting them to use in government buildings.


The gates resemble standard metal detectors, and function through measuring the RC levels of the person stepping through them. Upon detecting a level above the normal range of a human (below 1000), it emits an alarm and identifies the person as a ghoul.

The gates have a feature to exempt certain RC cell patterns from setting off the alarm. The gates have been programmed to avoid giving a false positive in the case of quinque being carried through the gates. However, this feature is also used to exempt the RC cell patterns that belong to ghouls affiliated with V. An examination of scanner records unveil that this extends to the members of the Washuu Clan and all graduates from the Sunlit Garden, including Kishou Arima.[1]

Exempt Individuals[]

Certain individuals have been noted to be capable of passing through the gates without setting off the alarms, while still registering as non-human. This includes those who have near-identical RC cell patterns of the exempted. The one-eyed ghouls Ken Kaneki and Eto have once passed through these gates undetected.[2][3] This is due to both Rize and Kuzen — the sources of their ghoul heritage — being related to V at some time in the past.[4]

Washuu Clan[]

Sunlit Garden[]