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Quinque steel (クインケ鋼, kuinke hagane) is the material used to create ghoul extermination equipment. It is created and owned exclusively by the CCG and housed in their CCG Laboratory Division in the 1st ward.


Rc solution is used in the creation of quinque steel. It is difficult to destroy which makes it a perfect material to create quinques and fight against ghouls. Its worth 900.000 yen / 8208,42 dollar per ton.


Quinque steel is the only material which quinque can be made from.

In the creation of the Quinx, the kakuhou that is transplanted into them is encased in a series of layers, or frames, made of quinque steel.


A large-scale transport of quinque steel took place the day of the Auction Mopping-up Operation. In anticipation of an attack, the S3 Squad accompanied the convoy. As predicted, Aogiri Tree arrived and their assault failed.[1]



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