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Amon's Doujima

Amon's quinque, Doujima.

A quinque (クインケ, kuinke) is a weapon manufactured from a ghoul's kakuhou used by CCG ghoul investigators.[1] Invented by Adam Gehner and Yoshiu Washuu,[2] the quinque emits electrical signals that stimulate the kakuhou to release and control it. They can be made into some type of melee or ranged weapon, but most retain a few characteristics from the original kagune. In contrast to kagune, quinque cannot change shape nor store or absorb Rc cells other than what was harvested from the ghoul it was made from.

Preceding the quinque, the CCG had been using firearms to combat ghouls and needing a more efficient tool, they began intensive research that resulted in its creation. Made solely to exterminate ghouls, quinque were considered the new generation of technology, promptly and effectively raising the extermination rate. Ghoul investigators transport them in bags or suitcases to store the kakuhou. Some investigators are known to collect quinque and others aspire to master their use. To attain a quinque, an investigator must first confirm their target's Rc type before exterminating them. Afterwards, it is common to name the quinque from the ghoul's name or alias (e.g., Noyama).

Special Quinque Types[]

Chimera Quinque[]

In rare cases, a quinque can also be fused from ghouls with chimera kagune, or multiple kagunes. The most notable of these chimeras belongs to Akira Mado named Amatsu, it functions with combined koukaku and bikaku styles as one effective weapon. It can also be made possible when the ghoul in question naturally possesses two Rc types, as in the cases of Nutcracker and Hinami Fueguchi.

Chimera quinque are useful for opposing multiple types of ghouls, though it is unknown if any combination of Rc types is possible or can occur naturally as chimera ghouls are extremely rare and the technical difficulties of fusing two Rc types together means that very few are capable of being used in the field.[3]

Kakuja Quinque[]

Kakuja quinques are a special type of quinque created from ghouls that have cannibalized and evolved a mutated kagune, becoming a kakuja. It has been commonly shown to function as armor; protecting and enhancing the capabilities of the user by stimulating their body while equipped.

So far, it seems to not be sustainable for long since the quinque comes with the drawback of slowly biting into its user the longer it is maintained and feeds off the wearer's vigor in order to conserve energy.

Despite the vast majority of kakuja quinques taking the form of armor, there have been several instances in which kakuja quinques have taken more offensive forms such as blades. Aside from being potent melee weapons, these quinques retain special traits of the original kakuja, such as ranged projectiles, detachment, advanced kagune formation, and remote activation.

The majority of known kakuja quinques were harvested from the kagune of Arata Kirishima and used by Yukinori Shinohara, Iwao Kuroiwa, Koutarou Amon, Hanbee Abara, and Juuzou Suzuya. There are several exceptions, including Owl, which was harvested from the kakuhou of Yoshimura and used by Kishou Arima, and Ginkui, which was harvested from the kakuhou of Noro and used by Kuki Urie.

Known Quinques[]

Image Name Owner Type Rate Ghoul Description
Yukimura 1/3 Kishou Arima
Take Hirako
Haise Sasaki
Koukaku B[4][5] Unknown A quinque formerly owned by Arima that was passed to Hirako, and later Sasaki Haise. It can be dual wielded, though only Arima has been shown doing so.
Doujima 1/2 Touko Harima
Koutarou Amon
Koukaku (Original)
Koukaku/Bikaku (Upgraded)
Unknown Unknown (Original)
Unknown /Bin brothers (Upgraded)
A koukaku quinque originally owned by Harima and later wielded by Amon. It is most suitable for physically powerful attacks. It was destroyed by Kaneki. Later repaired with the Bin brothers kagune before once again destroyed by Kaneki.
Kura Kureo Mado
Koutarou Amon
Koukaku Unknown Unknown A heavy koukaku quinque from Mado's collection, passed down to Amon in his will. It can be split in half and dual-wielded. It was destroyed by Kaneki.
Narukami Kishou Arima Ukaku S+[4] Hikari Kirishima A powerful ukaku quinque that can condense Rc cells in the form of bolts of lightning. In its mode change form, it resembles a thin blade that can easily slice through the flesh of an SSS rated ghoul. It was damaged by Renji Yomo.
IXA Kishou Arima Koukaku S+[4] Unknown A powerful koukaku quinque wielded by Arima, it was strong enough to easily harm SS and SSS class ghouls. It was eventually destroyed by Haise Sasaki.
Owl Kishou Arima Ukaku (Kakuja) SSS[6] Yoshimura


A quinque owned by Arima and created from a kakuhou torn out during his battle with the Non-Killing Owl. It is the only known example of an SSS-rated quinque, and the only one known to be created from a living ghoul. The quinque was eventually destroyed by Ken Kaneki.
Sasori juuzou Scorpion 1/56 Juuzou Suzuya Bikaku B[7] Unknown A mass-produced quinque. Simple but effective, these daggers can be thrown or used to slice and stab.
13's (Juuzou's) Jason Juuzou Suzuya Rinkaku S+[7] Yakumo Oomori A powerful rinkaku quinque with a Rc value of 5,000. It was destroyed by Kurona Yasuhisa but later repaired.
Shaku Juuji Isoyama Bikaku Unknown Unknown A quinque which was used during the raid of Kanou's Laboratory.
Aburagama Tougo Kurumatani Ukaku Unknown Unknown A quinque which was used during the Raid of Kanou's Laboratory.
Kureo using Fueguchi One Fueguchi One Kureo Mado
Akira Mado
Rinkaku Unknown Asaki Fueguchi A whip-like quinque. Akira began using it after the death of her father.
Kureo using both Ryouko and Fueguchi's Kagune to fight Touka Fueguchi Two Kureo Mado
Akira Mado
Koukaku Unknown Ryouko Fueguchi A koukaku quinque shaped like moth's wings. It can be used to defend and attack at the same time.
Amatsu Akira Mado Koukaku/Bikaku Unknown Unknown A chimera quinque, combining a bikaku whip with a koukaku dagger that can be released from the bottom of the hilt.
Oni Yamada Demon Yamada 1 Yukinori Shinohara Bikaku S Demon Yamada An enormous bikaku quinque that takes the form of a long butcher knife. It can withstand attacks from even kakuja users.
Arata Yukinori Shinohara
Iwao Kuroiwa
Koutarou Amon
Juuzou Suzuya
Hanbee Abara
Koukaku (Kakuja) Unknown Arata Kirishima Prototype quinque armor made from a kakuja kagune. It covers the body of the user, and grants increased physical abilities in exchange for "feeding" the armor. It is considered extremely dangerous.
Hollowquinque Hollow Kousuke Houji Ukaku Unknown Unknown This quinque wraps itself around the arm of the user. It fires barbs that attach to the target. They then start building up energy before finally exploding.
Houji's quinque IItsuu Iitsuu Kousuke Houji Koukaku A+ Unknown A koukaku-type quinque that takes the form of a pair of gauntlets with thin long blades attached. It is strong enough to pierce Tatara's kakuja.
Houji Quinque Chi She Kousuke Houji Koukaku SS Unknown A quinque that resembles a poleaxe with a straight double- edged blade and a curved guard over the handle.
Douhianime Douhi Kousuke Houji
Seidou Takizawa
Ukaku Unknown Fei A quinque that rapid-fires shards. Much like a cross between a crossbow and a machine gun.
Taruhi Koori Ui Koukaku A+[8] Unknown A two-handed quinque in the shape of a halberd. Its blade can also become whip-like if necessary.
IMG 20150820 135716 Kuroiwa Special Iwao Kuroiwa Rinkaku S Wobbegong A shield that is used primarily for attacking. It is also sturdy, being able to block projectiles from an SSS rated ghoul. It was damaged during the Anteiku Raid.
Hachikawa's Quinque Kajiri Chuu Hachikawa Ukaku Unknown Unknown Kajiri was a shiny, gold, gauntlet with a spiked tip that shot crystal-like projectiles supposedly made of quinque steel. After the battle against Irimi, the quinque was destroyed by Kaneki. He uses this quinque again when investigating Rushima Island, but it was destroyed by Seidou Takizawa.
Higher Mind (Angel Beat) Mougan Tanakamaru Ukaku SS Unknown A quinque that shoots beams of concentrated energy. It is connected to a briefcase which also serves as a power-supply, though he was able to damage a ghoul even after the wires connecting it were severed. It posses both area-of-effect blasts and multiple crescent-shaped projectiles in the form of "compress" and "diffuse" respectively. It was damaged during the Anteiku Raid but returned in :re to attack ghouls escaping from Cochlea.
Zebizu Kiyoko Aura Ukaku S+[9] Unknown The quinque has the ability to discharge homing missiles that attach to the target's body and explode after a brief period of time. It can be split in half and used as two separate blades.
Hirako's Quinque Nagomi 1/3 Take Hirako Rinkaku A[10] Unknown This quinque is a sword with 3 rectangular-segments embedded on its blade, with what appears to no point at the end of the blade. One of the quinque was broken during the Anteiku raid, which leaves only 2 remaining.
Lily 1 Mutsumi Chino Bikaku Unknown Unknown
Roku 1/3 Hirokazu Tainaka Bikaku Unknown Unknown
Gori using Emerio Emelio Misato Gori Ukaku Unknown Unknown A quinque functioning along the lines of a machine gun. Capable of firing crystalilzed Rc cells at enemies successively within a range of 250 meters.
Urie's wielding Tsunagi re anime Tsunagi Kuki Urie
Ginshi Shirazu
Takeomi Kuroiwa
Kichimura Washuu
Shinsanpei Aura
Bikaku C[5][10][11][12] Unknown A mass-produced quinque. Shaped like a long sword without a guard.
Tooru Mutsuki's quinques re anime Ifraft and Abksol Tooru Mutsuki Rinkaku B[5] Unknown A quinque in the form of a pair of two rinkaku daggers.
Bokusatsu No. 2 re anime Bokusatsu No. 2 Saiko Yonebayashi Koukaku B[5][12] Unknown This quinque is a two-handed hammer.
Thinning Thinning Naoto Hayashimura Bikaku Unknown Unknown A bikaku quinque resembling a straight sword featuring a serrated edge. The weapon displays sufficient sharpness to cut a rather deep gash into a pair of koukaku kagune.
Kuramoto Itou wielding Senza Senza Kuramoto Itou Koukaku A[10] Unknown Senza is a koukaku-type quinque. It resembles a spear used for slashing rather than thrusting.
Agure Shinji Michibata Bikaku A[10] Unknown His quinque, it took the form of a generic sword.
Masami killed by Noro Buru Masami Umeno Bikaku B[10] Unknown Not much was shown. However, Buru appears to be a long sword, similar to Tsunagi.
Melt Yasuhito Nezu Ukaku A[10] Unknown Was an ukaku-type quinque wielded by him.
Silver Skull Hanbee Abara Ukaku A[7] Unknown This ukaku quinque is a long katana that has shown to have enough efficiency to be able to cut clean through a ghouls body with ease. This quinque's gimmick mode resembles a ribcage that is able to pierce through its target.
Keijin Nakarai cuts Kurona's limbs from behind Right and Left Keijin Nakarai Koukaku B+[7] Unknown The quinque resembles two short dual blades that have enough power to be able to sever an SS rated ghoul's kagune with relative ease. These blades resemble Scorpion 1/56 .
Dreams and Space Miyuki Mikage Bikaku A+[7] Unknown
Tamaki holds down Kurona using Beef Beef Mizurou Tamaki Bikaku A[7] Unknown The quinque resembles a long, guardless katana with a very sharp tip with a striking resemblance to Tsunagi. It was strong enough to hold off an SS rated ghoul's kakuja state for a short period of time.
Tetoro Tetoro Shiki Kijima Bikaku A+[11] Unknown A bikaku "capture quinque". It is able to shoot out thick wires with a 3-leg hook at each side.
Kijimajail Rotten Follow Shiki Kijima
Nimura Furuta
Rinkaku S Rio's brother


A quinque taking the form of a large chainsaw. It is very powerful, shown being able to easily slice opponents in half.
Ajite Koori Ui Koukaku SS[8] Unknown An SS-rated koukaku quinque. He owns it yet has never been shown utilizing it as of yet.
Hairu grins Aus Hairu Ihei Rinkaku S+[8] Unknown This quinque resembles a long sharp machete that could slice through numerous ghouls with ease and hold off against Matsumae.
T-Human re anime T-Human Hairu Ihei Ukaku S+[8] Unknown A quinque that can fire Rc energy condensed into lighting bolts, similar to Arima's Narukami.
Steiner Taishi Fura Koukaku S[8] Unknown A koukaku-type S-rated quinque.
Lantern Quinque
Lantern Taishi Fura Bikaku A+[8] Uruka Minami This quinque was made from the Lantern ghoul and it is whip-like quinque.
Nutcracker Ginshi Shirazu Koukaku/Bikaku S Mayu


A chimera quinque made from a bikaku and koukaku. It has the ability to explosively expand upon contact with a ghoul.
Ginkui Kuki Urie Bikaku (Kakuja) SS[14][12] Noro A katana which could produce a kagune with a large mouth capable of killing numerous ghouls at once
Hige Onimaru Touma Higemaru Bikaku A[12] Unknown
Hsiao cuts Amon with Kuai Kuai 1/4 Ching-Li Hsiao Rinkaku A[12] Unknown A rinkaku quinque which takes the form of four sets of individual small blades.
The black linshing nut & white loosting nut quinque The Black Linshing nut 16/16 and White Loosting nut 16/16 Tooru Mutsuki Koukaku B+ Unknown A quinque in the form of a pair of thirty two koukaku utility knives. Mustuki is able to throw this quinque from a far distance without decreasing its strength.
Noyama Toujou Ukaku Unknown Unnamed member of the Noyama family An ukaku quinque shown in Heat Haze.
Rai Kureo Mado Ukaku Unknown Unknown An ukaku quinque used in Mudaguchi.
Kureo trapping Yamori with his quinque Unnamed Quinque Kureo Mado Unknown Unknown Unknown A quinque only shown in the anime. It was shown to be able to split into 3 long tentacles used to encase an opponent.
Lantern Quinque


  • It appears that a certain type of quinque is edible for ghouls, as seen when a rampaging Ken Kaneki devours Yukinori Shinohara's Arata without any ill side-effects afterward.[15] If the same can be said about the non-armor types is unknown at the time being.

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