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One-Eyed King

A representation of the King.

The One-Eyed King (隻眼の王, Sekigan no Ō) is a mysterious figure within the Tokyo Ghoul universe, often associated with revolutionary ideology. Rumored to be the leader of the ghoul organization, Aogiri Tree, the King's identity is the subject of much speculation and a primary target of V.

In reality, however, the King is revealed to be a title passed from one individual to another. Kishou Arima held the title as part of a larger plan to bring about a revolution. After his death, the title is claimed by Ken Kaneki.

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Throughout the franchise, multiple characters speculate on the identity of the King and offer possible suspects.

  • Eto Yoshimura - She later denied the allegations, stating that she is not the King.[1] Instead, she is the co-conspirator and partner of the King.[2] However, she was suspected by:
  • Yoshimura - Kuzen took on the mantle of a false One-Eyed Owl in order to divert attention from his daughter who was speculated to be the One-Eyed King.[10] Since the One-Eyed Owl was equated to the One-Eyed King in the minds of many, he unknowingly masqueraded as the false King.[11]
  • Kishou Arima - The previous holder of the title. Eto described him as "keeping the seat warm" for his successor.[2]
  • Ken Kaneki / Haise Sasaki - Eto initially asks him to kill the King,[12] and later reveals to him that Arima was the prior King. She offers him the proverbial throne, and he later declares himself the One-Eyed King when confronting members of the CCG.[2]

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It is highly unknown where the title was originated from, but in theory, Eto Yoshimura invented it.

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  • Sasaki speculates Nameless, the protagonist of the novel King Bileygr, is intended to be a fictional version of the King.[6]
  • In the English edition of Volume 4, the One-Eyed King is mistakenly mentioned twice, once by Kureo Mado in Touka Kirishima's flashback in Chapter 31 and once in Chapter 34 in Kaneki's thoughts. Correctly, it should state in both cases "(that other) One-Eye" which refers to Eto.
  • The re in the title of Tokyo Ghoul:re comes from the Italian and Maltese word for "King".[2]
  • V agents call Kaneki the "Nameless King," possibly in reference to the main protagonist of King Bileygr.
  • In contrast to Kaneki declaring himself the One-Eyed King, Furuta names himself the "Washuu King".
  • A powerful one-eyed ghoul, possessing a kagune with remarkable similarity to that of Ken Kaneki, ruled the 24th ward as its King a hundred years ago.
  • In :re Episode 16, Arima states that he and Eto "created" the King.[13]

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